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"Crafting A Meaniful Home" out now!!

FINALLY the book that we've all been waiting for!! (Or at least I have!)
I seem like only yesterday when we first met Meg and got the opportunity to be in her book!
We got our copy of Meg's "Crafting A Meaningful Home" book recently and was totally blown away by the quality of it all. The beautiful cover, all the lovely colorful photos, and 27 seven amazing project by all amazing designers/artists/crafters!

Here's a little sneak peak!!
Meg and her husband.
I'm on the first page! Crazy!L&G's Mega-Doily!
R&L's wood burned coat of arms for the Dupe!
I just love this photo...
Here are all the project & the people in the book
About the book
As the second decade of the 21st century begins, we’re more compelled than ever to find refuge in our homes and personalize our living spaces with DIY projects that celebrate who we are and where we’ve been. In Crafting a Meaningful Home, Meg Mateo Ilasco shares 27 projects that tell personal stories and celebrate heritage, all easily created on a budget. Learn how to decoupage a plate with photos of a best friend; silkscreen upholstery with folk motifs; artfully display love notes; sew a teepee from a vintage quilt top; or create family silhouettes for a festive banner. Contributed by a hip cast of well known designers from across the country, the projects are, at once, nostalgic, sentimental, and modern. Clear instruc­tions are easy to follow, even for beginning crafters.

You can get your copy here!


Our Sunday Game Plan

Jean and I are both in complete agreement about the plan for tomorrow: treking down to Blackbird to check out these beautifully simple watches from Uniform Wares. Our biggest problem may end up being picking our favorite color of the 100 series...seriously how to choose...How to choose? Or does it really matter with such a perfectly proportioned simple timepiece...looks good on both ladies and gentlemen:

As if it couldn't get any more cowabunga'er, we could throw down some big $$s and spring for the 200 series with its Stainless Steel housing and leather classy:


Superior Server's Recent Blog Rounds!

Accompanying our Chalk-It-To-Me Piggy Bank at the NYIGF, we also brought these Superior Servers! These newbies also got a bit of attentions as well!


Design Mom
Black, White, Yellow
Design Shimmer

Unruly Things

designers block UK


Chalk Piggy's Recent Blog Rounds!

I know, we still need to do a report on our trip to NYIGF and how it went...but without getting in to much detail and me rambling on about are some recent blog attentions that our piggies been getting!
It's totally awesome to see our work mentioned on blogs that we love! yeepee!
Swiss MissMocoLoco
Core77 (we're excited to finally meet Lisa who wrote us up and who also started Object Design League in Chicago!)

Design Vagabond
The Sub-Design Studio
Better Living Through Design

Color by Numbers


We like handmade: Toino Abel

Just stumbled upon these awesome colorful baskets by Toino Abel. They're made entirely by hand in Portugal using traditional methods. The colors and patterns are so vibrant and striking that it takes all of our might not to buy one and expand our already too large picnic basket/bag collection. You should totally go to their etsy site and get one and let us borrow it though (a deal at $45 for the largest bag!).

Best of all, their site has a pictorial step by step of how and where the baskets are made. Really great sequence that makes you appreciate the loveliness of the baskets even more.


Luxury Pad

As much as I appreciate the design of the iPad and the object itself, I'm not totally convinced that I absolutely need to get it since it really only does half of the things I'd need. But boy....but seeing this beautiful leather cover at Mjolk....I think that just changed everything...I might just NEED to get an iPad just so I can get one of these beautiful leather cases...
Perhaps I could just get this cover and put a regular pad in it....I mean a notepad.