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FABulous End to Our Sale

We've been so excited about being on FAB!!

We got ourselves geared up for our 3-day flash sale, and now our sale ended we couldn't be happier with the result and seeing the wonderful write up they did about L&G on FAB blog...(blush)

We put out a new item... Terracotta Piggies!...I love how the peachy-orangy terracotta color that makes it look more like a pig! Looks very nice for the summer, yah?

They sold out on fab for now, but they will be available soon on our site!

We really didn't know what to expect in terms of how people will respond to our work and how the sale will go...but turns out it was more than great and we actually sold out quite a few things!!

I know lot of the stuff aren't even in our shop right now, but we're in the works to put up more! Such as the new Terracotta piggies, one-off Daily Affirmation vintage mirrors, Alphabrass tables with vintage lamp parts and more!! We're planning to have our shop updated soon totally amp up our shop!!


SHOP NOW and get 10% OFF all L&G originals!

Just Enter "GIMMIE10" at checkout!

Sale end of the day on July 4th at 11:59pm PST!!

We're Sailing Away...

I lived in Seattle for 11 years and Dylan has been here for 20 years... and for the first time in both our lives, we got to go sailing on lake union!
We got to go with Charlie and Andrew on their classy Wino Country Safari sailboat.

What a way to start the summer!
Love the classy interior of Wino Country Safari.

Gearing up for a little patriotism before the Fourth.

Looking at Gasworks park from the water.
Moments like this reminds me why Seattle is so amazing....

Then summer in Seattle ended after the clouds came back... :P
It was fun while it lasted!!


Coffee Break....

Can't seem to live without coffee still...especially when its nice to have a little moment to break from the work day and enjoy a little ritual like this....



Happy Monday!

L&G's is so excited to be featured on today for an epic 3 day flash sale!
They're providing our products at ridiculously pleasant prices and also featuring some special products...

Like $65 (normally $95) for our "Daily Affirmation" mirrors. Each one is a unique vintage gilded mirror frame etched with an uplifting message.

Or our special limited run of terracotta piggy banks for $55 ($85 retail):

Two Cane & Able Stools (the first two ever made!)

Or opt for discounted L&G classics: 30% off megadoiley, 40% off superior servers, 35% off alphabrass, 40% off gem necklaces:

The sale runs through Wednesday, so go to and get while the gettin's good!


Paper cut

Cutouts of layer & upon layers of colorful paper by artist, Jen Stark

via But Does It Float

L&G in 3 Magazines in June!

We're totally stoked that we made it in to 3 magazines for June! Not sure how the month went by so fast already..but hey...that seems to be always the case now these days. :P

Sunset Magazine:
Thanks to lovely Jess Chamberlain from Sunset, she wrote story on JOIN Design Seattle and got us a whole group feature!!
Jami & Brian who started JOIN got a great full page shot of them in their studio...perhaps a centerfold next time? ...Jamie I know you love it... :)
The spread of things from designers who are part of JOIN: Design Seattle..with I&M frame lights, L&G servers, Grain rings, Blk Pine backpack, Erich's vase, & Chelsea's bow tie!

Anthology Magazine: This was a pleasant surprise when I got this issue in the mail and saw that our servers are in there since they featured the product through one of our stores, Michele Varian based in NY.

Seattle Homes Magazine: Featuring the Mega-Doily rug in Meg's "Crafting A Meaningful Home" book.

Happy weekend!


Setting High Standards

I met these guys from Fort Standards for the first time at the Feburary NYIGF in the AmDC booth, and was totally psyched that I got to trade for one of their charming merit badge necklaces.

...and since then...only being about 5 months later, they've designed & launched a BUNCH of new amazing products at this year's ICFF.

I was totally psyched to see these AMAZING Elevate tables made with crazy marble tops & white oak!! Mostly love the detail of the center notch and the clean construction of the triangle legs.
and of course me being a total sucker for terrariums...I have to love this: Terra-terrarium stand...that spins!
These classy Foundation tables are made with teak & stacked marble at the base. Clean, simple and cleverly constructed as well.
MAD Aluminum stool....just handsome.
I'm just so amazed by the scope of their work...and admire their sense for great details & general sensibility.
....Way to raise the bar on that one...and make all of us look bad!


Le Petit Mobile

I'd like to go to Paris and visit Le Petit Atelier someday and see all their handmade ceramic housewares, but especially these wonderful ceramic mobiles that simply makes me smile....


A little progress & serenity in our space...

As we mentioned few weeks before...we've been doing some re-hauling & re-organizing of our space for ourselves and for L&G studio...
Slowly but surely we're making some progress and have moved our bedroom into what was previously our office (or more like our storage)...
It's a smaller space, but I've been loving the idea to downsize our bedroom....keeping it minimal, airy, and peaceful....We painted our room with stock white replace the previously dingy dirty off white paint....and just changing that, the room felt instantly bigger, brighter and 100 times better!
We kept one side of the wall with the chalk wall from when we painted it for the office....since it'll still be useful for those occasional late night brainstorming sessions we I didn't' have the heart to erase the adorable messages & drawings by our friends' kids from Japan during the time they stayed with us!!
Then Dylan boxed in the window with soft toned pine boards with a added function as a shallow we can incorporate some hanging plants & more plants!... LOVE!!
Then a little added color & pattern from a Ikea area rug for some warmth.Still got few more to add to the space...but overall we're gonna have it pretty paired down...with wood shelving made with cinder blocks and then have ropes & hanging rods to hang my accessories. I like the concept of "organized chaos" and love seeing selective pieces of clothes hung & displayed like makes me appreciate what I have and gets me excited about wearing the my new B&W sweater hanging on the mirror . A recent score at one of the vintage shops by Nationale & Stand Up Comedy in Portland.
This is a rare exception when I wished the whether is slightly colder so I can wear that more often! I've been practically living in it with it being so comfortable to wear!

still work in progress...can't wait to get it done!