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I'd like to Tap That: Layered House

If I believed in heaven, I'd imagine it would something like this place...
Heck, I'll believe in heaven in a heartbeat if I know I can end up in living in space like this...
The house is designed by, and of course, a Japanese architect, Jun Igarashi.
Read more about it Here.

Via Grijs,
Via Designboom


Classy Brassy L&G

We're excited that we'll get to use these custom brass letters we got recently for this Saturday's Remodelista Market!Custom metal letters are available Here!


Mirror Mirrorage

Been enjoying Glasser's Ring album.... it's sorta like taking an enchanting trip around the world with Kate Bush and Charlotte Gainsbourg....few of my favorite lady singers
...but THAT would just be the most amazing trip ever...


Seattle Remodelista Market, April 30th!

We were excited when we first heard about Remodelista coming to Seattle to organize a local design market, and will be at the Henrybuilt production/office space in Georgetown!
But then got even MORE excited when they contacted us asking if L&G would be interested in being part of the sale....we replied them with a "YES! TOTALLY!!" and way too many exclamation points after that.
Event detail:

Remodelista readers of the Northwest take note: on April 30, we're hosting our second Local Market in Seattle at henrybuilt's Georgetown location. On offer will be an array of goods from some of our favorite Seattle artisans, with an emphasis on wares for the home (as well as a dash of fashion); for good measure, we've imported a few of our favorite Northern California vendors.

Date & Time: April 30, 11 am to 4 pm.
Location: Henrybuilt in Georgetown, 4634 Ohio Avenue South, Seattle, 98134

List of participating vendors: Bitters Co., Bainbridge Blues, Goods from the Hood, Gallant & Jones, glassybaby, Hattie Bird, Heidi Swanson, Iacoli & McAllister, Ladies & Gentlemen, Mato Creative, Marie Veronique Organics, Paper Hammer, Red Ticking, Rough Linen, Studio Patro, Sefte Living, Seabold Vintage Market, Twiggypop Ranch, Urbancase,.....

Exciting, right?!
We can't wait to see everything, get Heidi Swanson's autograph on her new book, and hopefully sell lots of L&G goods!


Thread of Colors

Stunning installation work by Gabriel Dawe only using color thread....


Some ideas brewing...

....for AmDC's upcoming "USE ME" show for ICFF.
Made our submissions and is crossing our fingers...hope we make it in!


L&G on Dwell!

L&G is totally stoked to be in April issue of Dwell! ...we're actually in there twice! First feature is of the piggy bank along with other neat items...
here's piggy the Dwell website.
...and the second feature is of my Mega-Doily rug project under Meg's "Crafting a Meaningful Home" book!
Yay! Double awesomeness.


The Secret Unfolds

Saw these great paper manipulated works by London Artist, Abigail Reynolds recently and just love the simplicity of its concept, and yet how she's able to create such a captivating result.Besides the captivating layers with its well-sculpted folds, if taken with a closer look, you'll see that some photos are of the same place or building taken at different times....tricky, tricky...
It's almost like looking at those secret 3D images where you cross your eyes long enough where its borderline dangerous... and then you'll see this awesome image of bunch dolphins in 3D!! Yeah...I know this is not nearly as cool as those 3D dolphins....that's why I said it's ALMOST like it. Duh. Via Anthology


Drumroll....Announcing the Winners

So Thanks to everyone's contributions and efforts in participating in our little event to raise fund for Japan, we raised a total of $931. Yay! It's something! Thanks everyone for taking part of this!!

We drew 1 winner for every $500 raised. Since its pretty close to $1000, we figured we should draw 2 piggies!!
We did it the Japanese way (like getting a fortune at temples & shrines) and put everyone's tickets in the piggies, and shook it until the first names that came out...
...and the winners are Christen Coomer & Jennifer Fisher!! Congratulations!!

We didn't quite raise enough to do the drawing as planned, so we'll be giving other piggies to other relief events around. They'll be going to a good place no matter what. :)

One coming up: Seattleites Help Japan-Relief Event Part2
This Thursday April 14th 6-9pm
There's a suggested donation of $25 with 15 types of sake tasting, appetizers & desserts.
Japanese Koto Performance and silent auction. All money will be give to Peace Winds.
Please go to above link for event details.


Thanks Anthology!

Thanks Kate from Anothology for sharing this on their wonderful blog!! We hope it'll reach lots of their readers!!


Thanks Daily Candy!

Thank you Daily Candy for posting about our fundraiser event with our special Japan piggy banks!



....Pleeeeease help us help Japan and reach our goal! READ DEATILS BELOW:WHAT WE'RE DOING: L&G would like to help raise some funds by giving away up to 5 special tribute to Japan Chalk Piggy Banks. FOR EVERY $500 RAISED, ONE PIGGY BANK WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN (AT RANDOM). Our goal is to raise at least $2500!!

WHAT YOU COULD WIN: Limited edition special tribute to Japan Chalk Piggy Banks with a red cork nose. Will also include white chalk & felt wipe cloth as well as shipping.

HOW IT WORKS: ONE drawing ticket will be given with EVERY $7 donation you give to the Japanese Red Cross. (i.e. $10=1 ticket, $21=3 tickets, $70=10 tickets....MORE tickets means HIGHER chance of winning!)

Step 1: Go to Paypal's link to Japanese Red Cross and donate $$$.

Step 2: Email us your receipt from JRC with the amount you've donated to: .

Step 3: We'll reply with a confirmation email, the number drawing ticket(s) we'll put your name in the drawing, and an acknowledgment to your awesomeness, generosity, and in making a difference with a virtual big thumbs up!!

Step 4: Check back on April 11th, to see who the winners are on our website blog.

DATE OF ANNOUNCEMENT: Monday, April 11, 9pm (PST)

Winner(s) will receive separate emails from us asking for your shipping info. So please make sure our emails don't end up in your junk email because that would just be a real bummer...

Thank you to Seattle Met & Blue Ant Studio for sharing this on their site!!
We would be more than thrilled if anyone else can share this with your friends or your site, blog, facebook, twitter, etc.
Big big thank you all for your support & help!

xoxo Jean & Dylan