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Too Koo!

I found this fabulous etsy seller, Yokoo, who knits these great thick massive scarves that just gets me so excited about winter! It's been super rainy and I'm trying to keep things positive by looking at fun cozy winter accessories such as these scarves and neck warmers. (especially that mustard one!) Alright! I'm ready for you....crappy Seattle weather....YOU!

Cooking with L&G on Poppytalk

I did a cooking post for Poppytalk today on a Greek-themed meal we made the other day using some recipes from the NY Times Magazine. My favorite is the bright pink fuschia colored beet tzatziki...and's not just because of the actually taste good, too! But that's just mesmerizing and pretty to look bright...and pink....

Read the post here for the recipes and more!


Happy Happiness

This is a lovely cheerful little music video by Goldfrapp called "Happiness". One of my recent favorite videos. A young guy in a white suit, hopping through the quaint streets of London...How perfect. Her new album, Seventh Tree,has a really dreamy, free-spirited, and I-wanna-spin-around-in-circles-or-skip-and-hop-around-forever kind of feel to it...If only I have the time. Maybe I'll add that into my daily schedual and do a 10 min spin or hop around break. That's a great idea! In fact, I WILL do that! Yeah!!


Blogged on SFgirlbybay!!

I just found out that L&G got mentioned on one of my favorite blogs....SFgirlbybay! I was very close to meeting the lovely writer of SFgirlbybay, Victoria, but I missed her! She was at the SF Renegade Fair and came by Chikabird's Booth and snapped a photo for her review on the event. I was so close!
Maybe some day...some day....
Thanks for the shout out, Victoria!

New Great Finds!

Just recently updated L&G shop with some awesome finds! There's lots of great mid-Century modern housewares such as Dansk enamel pitcher, Cathrineholm cookware, Arabia enamel bowl, Gense stainless metal plates as well as some other fun stuff! Some are stuff that I dragged back from Michigan! Check them out!


Hang it up!

So I've had people ask me where to get vintage pant hangers since the blog mentions (Poppytalk, Readymade, Apartment Therapy) of our living room display awhile ago, and now they're available on L&G shop! Enjoy!We also wrote up an instruction about how to build the wall grid. It's really simple. Depending on the material it could be around $50 or less. We used cedar 2"x2" and it cost us more like $75. and took us half an afternoon to put it together.



Collecting treasures is in my blood. I only hope to some day live up to my Grandpa's collecting legacy. I have these great memories of exploring his house and garage opening drawers and finding amazing collections of watch parts, coins, knives, you name it. So, I just had to take Jean back there to see to see the treasures.

I must say, Grandpa did not disappoint. The house was a time-capsule...everything virtually the same as it was when I was a kid. This time, we could truly enjoy the uniqueness and thoroughness of his collecting: wood duck decoys, scores of antique clocks, walls papered with early license plates, classic toys, old farm tools, and more of just about everything.

Then, there were the BUTTERFLIES! We were given free reign to explore the garage when I noticed some particular well made wooden boxes scattered and haphazardly stacked under his work bench. I pulled one out, opened it up, and BAM! BUTTERFLIES! Rows and rows of them! We pulled out box after box with each yielding a different display of these winged creatures.

It turns out that my great Grandfather had a huge collection of butterflies from around the world that he donated to Michigan State University after he died. These were what was left of his collection after that. It's just incredible that they were in such great condition. You definitely don't see collections like these anymore. Check out my flickr photoset for more photos. fd


Best Mac and Cheese on Earth (still)

There's a small diner in my hometown of Port Huron, MI where every Friday the world's best macaroni and cheese is served up to its patrons. The place is called Cavis' Diner and they have always been legendary in my family for their cheesy delicacy. Part of the mission of our trip was to journey back to see if it really was in fact still the greatest. I have to say that it did not fail to tantalize my taste buds yet again. It's an amazing homemade concoction from secret ingredients that make an incredibly rich, slightly sour flavor. If you ever happen to be in Port Huron, Michigan on Friday around lunch...stop by and have plate of mac cheese served with a side of mashed potatoes and canned green beans (not so good). Don't forget the chocolate milk (it's the real deal).


More photos of Cavis' and Port Huron, MI live here.


God Save Detroit!

Jean and I just got back from vacation in exotic Michigan. My home state! It was the first time I had been back in 15 years and the first ever for Jean (lucky her!). It was actually a great time...I forgot how beautiful it is there this time of year (spare the mosquitoes).
This should be the first of a series of blogs about our visit. Our first stop was Detroit and what a grandly bleak stop it was! First of all big big thanks to Design Sponge's city guides. It was our saving grace after we chose to stay in an extremely sub-par hotel and were ill-prepared to find suitable eats, drinks, and sites. To sum it up we arrived late and was too scared to go back out, so we had couple of chocolate bars as our dinner (only edible thing we had). We put out some sheets we brought and went straight to bed.

In the eery abandoned ghost-town category, the city lived up to all our expectations and more. It's just incredible to walk on the empty streets knowing that this was the center of the industrial universe not long ago. There are literally ruins in the making every where you look - gorgeous art deco relics and fancy Victorian mansions now completely abandoned. Granted there are still people living there and doing some cool stuff, but I have to say...they're few and far between from a visitor's perspective (even though we had d-sponge to guide us). If numbers help put things in perspective, the city's population has gone from 1.8 million in 1950 to around 900,000 today. Very few modern cities can claim the loss of half their population in 60 years!

We were totally jazzed to be there though because we love good ruins and urban decay. Here are some our favorite spots:Grand Central Station: An amazing defunct train station that must have been incredible in its day. Also see the site for photos of the inside (ultra creepy).

Victorian Mansions: There are entire neighborhoods of these elaborate homes left to decay. One of the most complete is Brush Park. A select few of these are slowly starting to be renovated, but most are being left to meet their doom.

The Heidelberg Project: A long ago neglected neighborhood in a not so nice part of town transformed into environmental art/political protest by artist Tyree Guyton and his grandfather. Really an incredible thing to walk through considering how it transformed the neighborhood.

Avalon Bakery: Thank god for them and their delicious coffee, breads, and wi-fi. Not a ruin, just a really good cafe.
422 W Willis St
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 832-0008

More Detroit photos live here. More Michigan stuff to come. Stay tuned!

Summer Cheer with Molly Moon's Organic Ice Cream

I'm very excited to share with everyone about this new local Seattle creamery shop that recently opened up in Wallingford neighborhood, called Molly Moon. This has seriously been one of the great highlight for summer 2008. Molly Moon is the owner and creator of this stylish gourmet ice cream shop and is very proud (as she should be) to share that she uses all organic and local ingredients from Washington and 100% compostable bowls and spoons! How awesome is that!? Molly offers a great selections of unconventional and classic flavors that people of all age can enjoy. I couldn't control my curiosity, so I jumped on test tasting most of the exotic flavors such as the salted caramel, balsamic strawberry, cardamom, honey lavender, and thai ice tea...I was totally holding up the line, but I couldn't help it!! They were all SO good! Even the chocolate was excellent, rich creamy chocolate flavor where you can still taste the subtle bitterness of cacao....flavorful yet not too sweet.They even make their own waffle cones! as you can see the boys anxiously waiting for their homemade waffle cones...I was behind them watching them make it as well. Mmmm...drool.

With Molly's creative spin on her ice cream shop combined with her French Bulldog/Boston Terrier's cute puppy face on the logo, they've already created a huge sensation and buzz in Seattle ever since they opened. It's only a matter of time before they conquer the rest of the world with their irresistible charm.

Molly Moon Ice Cream
1622 ½ N 45th St
Seattle 98103