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Summer Cheer with Molly Moon's Organic Ice Cream

I'm very excited to share with everyone about this new local Seattle creamery shop that recently opened up in Wallingford neighborhood, called Molly Moon. This has seriously been one of the great highlight for summer 2008. Molly Moon is the owner and creator of this stylish gourmet ice cream shop and is very proud (as she should be) to share that she uses all organic and local ingredients from Washington and 100% compostable bowls and spoons! How awesome is that!? Molly offers a great selections of unconventional and classic flavors that people of all age can enjoy. I couldn't control my curiosity, so I jumped on test tasting most of the exotic flavors such as the salted caramel, balsamic strawberry, cardamom, honey lavender, and thai ice tea...I was totally holding up the line, but I couldn't help it!! They were all SO good! Even the chocolate was excellent, rich creamy chocolate flavor where you can still taste the subtle bitterness of cacao....flavorful yet not too sweet.They even make their own waffle cones! as you can see the boys anxiously waiting for their homemade waffle cones...I was behind them watching them make it as well. Mmmm...drool.

With Molly's creative spin on her ice cream shop combined with her French Bulldog/Boston Terrier's cute puppy face on the logo, they've already created a huge sensation and buzz in Seattle ever since they opened. It's only a matter of time before they conquer the rest of the world with their irresistible charm.

Molly Moon Ice Cream
1622 ½ N 45th St
Seattle 98103


Anonymous said...

I thought the caramel was a little too salty. And the line, way too long. Since when did you start blogging food!

Jean said...

I liked the whole savory/sweet combo, but I can see being a little too salty. The line was long, but it went pretty fast I thought, but maybe there's certain busier hours than others. Oh yes..I've been blogging about food since the start. I blogged about bakeries, ice cream places, Scandinavian groceries....I like food.

Jean said...

oh yeah. go check the 'yummy in our tummy' section

Michael @ said...

Good review! Here's mine for comparison. I agree with "anonymous", that salted caramel was too salty.