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Our friends from JOIN Design Seattle are gearing up for International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in NYC from May 15-18. We wish we could go to NYC just to check it out in person!! Unfortunately we're missing it again...sigh.
But lucky for us, these 7 design firms below have thoughtfully planned a preview party in Seattle TONIGHT for the less fortunate people like us who cannot attend the show. Woo Hoo!!

+Yuri Kinoshita
+ far4
+ Iacoli & Mcallister
+ 16th Workshop
+ urbancase
+ graypants

5813 AIRPORT WAY SOUTH in Georgetown


The making of a Fedora...felt magic!

We all know about L&G fascination with felt... and we're of course suckers for "how it's made videos"
So, let the two collide here in a great little video on the making of a felt fedora. Enjoy:

Soulland // Making the Adler Fedora from Soulland on Vimeo.

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Hole Punched

Dutch jeweler, Gensine Hackenberg creates these simple yet clever ceramic jewelery pieces by literally punching circles from existing traditional chinaware. The concept and the pieces themselves are seemingly simple, but the juxtaposition of the old and the new is thoughtful and more than well executed.
It's all about seeing the origin of the material and the story that she's created for both the tableware and the jewelery pieces together that makes the concept more than ordinary. I love using existing objects and transforming it in whatever ways. It's part of appreciating the origin, story and character, and at the same time giving the object a whole new life and value.


You say Hello and I say Goodbye

This sounds like a fantastic print show!


OPENING NIGHT: Thursday, April 29, 2010, 7:00-8:30pm
Parnassus Cafe in the UW School of Art Basement

'Goodbye' Limited Edition Hello Posters will be on display in Parnassus Cafe through May 2010

Poster will be sold in person opening night for an incredible price of $10 each.
All proceeds will benefit local charities. Get full detail, here.

Brought to you by the UW visual communication graduates, Ben Shown and Alanna MacGowan. They first initiated the "HELLO Poster Show" last year exhibiting over 30 silkscreened wonderful prints inspired by the greeting 'hello.' as a fundraising event.

Here are some of my favs from last year. You can see all HELLO prints here.


I'd Like to Tap that...Kitchen w/ bookshelves

Loving this multifunctional kitchen with integrated bookshelves on the other side. I like how you don't even notice the kitchen right away!
But mostly I love how it really maximizes the storage space!
This mutli-functional live/work loft space is an old diamond cutting and-polishing shop that's been renovated and divided in 19 housing units in in Antwerp. I like how they created space within a space using those light frame and glass walls in keeping a level of transparency throughout.
oh boy! Sliding doors!! We so want do that for our bathroom someday!


Paper, Scissor, Rockin' Clothes

This is something I just stumbled's from 2009, but still pretty freakin' amazing!
This whole line designed by Alexandra Verschueren reminds me everything great and fun about elementary school. You know...doodling with color pencils and folding & cutting with paper using mix array of line papers...all the things I love to do at school!

Except all these pieces are simply stunning and are WAY more amazing than your typical school craft project covered in Elmer's least mine was like that!
I especially love seeing the stylized sketches and swatch boards... I'm obsessed with general office & school supplies...and I'm especially drawn to the graphic quality of grid & line paper of all sort. So I think it's freakin' brilliant that Verschueren has turned such ubiquitous graphic into high-end textile prints...and on top of that with all the added colorful hand drawn/hand painted texture!
....It's all just too cool for school.

Today's Forcast is Sunny with a Chance of Baby Shower...

Our friends from Piano Nobile just recently added wonderful new member to the group! They just had their baby girl, Clara!! Although she'll take some training to do some printing and welding for them, but soon enough she'll be able to do incredible work just like Isabelle and Nick!
For Isabelle's baby shower, I ended up making a felt baby gift similar to the needle felted pillow I made awhile back.
I wanted to make something for them that they can keep even if Clara gets older.
The stuffed cloud can be hung above the crib and also doubles as a rattle know so little Clara can play with it or drool on it or watch it float above her head!

And since I'm so felt obsessed anyways, I also made her a pair of high-top felt & leather booty...
with the top folded down...for a more casual look.
the leather bottom & lace
All wrapped up for little Clara!

I'll have more photos of the little one actually wearing the boots soon!


Big Wig

I'd like to wear this and do my weekend produce shopping at the farmer's market with it...or just wear it everywhere.

Perhaps I'll finally get some respect around here...
These huge bonnets made of plaited hair are made for a workshop, called Crazy Hair; a fabulous collaboration with professional hairdressing academy Studio Marisol and Spanish designers of CuldeSac.

Talk about crazy amazing....

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Fabuloso Marketo

This awesomeness.....
plus this awesomeness....
Equals.....this awesomeness
Starting April 13-April 18 at the Milan Design Fair 2010, Apartamento Magazine and DesignMarketo are teaming up to create a pop up shop called FoodMarketo.

It's a half pop up store, half cooking workshop, selling contemporary design objects commissioned to over 30 international designers and hosting daily workshops to share recipes and everyday life ingredients.

I'm so wishing that I can go to Milan just for this event! If only I knew how to fly my private jet that's sitting in my backyard...this sucks.

...but Chloë sevigny's life on the other hand looks pretty awesome....


We Have Band Music Video

Neat music video 'Divisive' by UK based We Have Band produced by SoLab in Paris. There's also the clip on how they made it! This looks like it could be a good workout!

We Have Band "Divisive" from SoLab on Vimeo.

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Kitchen Dreamin'

So, we're standing on the edge of the funnel here at the L&G homestead...the kitchen remodel funnel. And there we pause peaking over the edge of the funnel, half scared, half excited, half unsure, half confident, and half really bad at fractions. In this moment of reflection, we'd like to use a few posts to share a glimpse at what is inspiring our soon to be torn up and put back together kitchen.
We're lovin' this island. We really want a dining height eating surface and this is the most elegant integration of one yet.

The feeling of this room is really nice. The graphic black kitchen with the mis-matched dining chairs.

A nice mix of materials.

The red here helps define the work area graphically.


Totally Totes

Designer, Oscar Diaz recently launched and line of these totes called Glueline, made with canvas straps and bonded together with rubber at the points where the straps meet.

I really like the simple use of material and how the rubber functions both as the adhesive and also adds a decorative element to the bag.Ok, so this isn't one of those "perfect" bags with super high performance and function and has hundreds of pockets for anything you can think of or forget about...or one of those transformer bags where it goes from a purse, to a messenger bag, to a backpack, to a suitcase where you can carry things from books, to ipods and ipads, to a dog or a baby...

Nope, this bag does none of that....and that's perfectly okay! Its just a cool and simple bag for....ya know, the beach or the market!!
Actually..come to think of it, you could put a dog or a baby in a bag...and it would just be like a sling with their legs dangling out!
It's especially great for people like me who likes to organize things where I have smaller bags inside bigger bags or smaller boxes inside bigger boxes...and so on...
I hope I'm not the only one in the world who finds that somewhat satisfying....

Oh! Also another neat design by Oscar....An Ink Calendar! What the WHAT?!Pretty amazing...but if I had this in the house, I would just end up sitting in front of it and watching it and not get anything done...but I suppose that's no different than getting sucked into watching trashy reality shows ...oh, but they're so bad its gooood....
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