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Kitchen Dreamin'

So, we're standing on the edge of the funnel here at the L&G homestead...the kitchen remodel funnel. And there we pause peaking over the edge of the funnel, half scared, half excited, half unsure, half confident, and half really bad at fractions. In this moment of reflection, we'd like to use a few posts to share a glimpse at what is inspiring our soon to be torn up and put back together kitchen.
We're lovin' this island. We really want a dining height eating surface and this is the most elegant integration of one yet.

The feeling of this room is really nice. The graphic black kitchen with the mis-matched dining chairs.

A nice mix of materials.

The red here helps define the work area graphically.

1 comment:

jody mcdowell said...

i haven't even started kitchen dreaming yet, but i like your inspiration! espeicallly that awesome fireplace.

good luck!