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I want to TAF that

I just love TAF's approach to design and the result...common objects tweaked in a clever way to make them feel simply special and well-resolved.

They're a small studio based out of Stockholm who has been producing awesomeness since 2002. Blurb from their website: TAF’s aim is to make ordinary life less ordinary through subtle but effective changes in how products and architecture appear and function. A recurrent departure point in TAF projects is that everyday objects by their very commonness can be made uncommon.


It's Bed Time

Saw this via Design*Sponge couple days ago. It's another magical and adorable stop-motion music video by Oren Lavi . I just had to add this to the list of stop-motion videos along with my other favs: by Labour, Hine, and the magical Origami commercial, The whole stop-motion technique is simply charming. It's as if they are bring a whole new world of magic into the reality.
It's just incredibly sweet...the sunny room, the clean sheet, the fluffy pillows, the little white socks....Le sigh...



Storytime on Poppytalk Part II

This is our second storytime post. It's a book by Tana Hoban, an amazing photographer and children's book publisher. This book if from the 70's and the photos are simply beautiful. It's fun for both adults and kids to read!

Check out the post, here to see the inside of the book!

And that's suppose to be me holding the book...hee hee.


Storytime on Poppytalk Part I

Dylan and I are bring a few "Storytime" installments to Poppytalk. This first one is about the great 1962 Seattle World's Fair. We found this little souvenir booklet with colorful and charming illustrations of all the-once-fantastic-and-futuristic-monuments. They're all still fantastic of course, but the monorail is definitely not what is made up to be....
Read more on Poppytalk, Here.


I just have to gloat about the newest edition to my camera collection: A 1960's Nikon F + fun bells and whistles. Back in the day, this camera was the workhorse in many pro photographers' arsenals. Now that I finally picked one up, I know why...this photo-machine is tough as tank, very versatile and takes grrreat photos!

The coolest part about the camera is that the finder is interchangeable. It came with a standard metered finder, but it can be switched out with a waist level viewer like the old TLR Rolleiflexes and Hasselblads. I just got my waist level finder and can't wait to take some shots with it...there's something about the perspective in shooting from waist level that makes things look so much more interesting.

I wanted to share some of my second roll of film (black and white mostly taken in Portland, OR). I'm pretty happy about the way they turned out and can't wait to hit the streets again (packin' the waist level finder this time).

More on L&G Flickr.


Pure Simplicity

Dylan spotted this on Dezeen. This house is Designed by Hiroyuki Tanaka Architects in Yokohama, Japan. Using geometric lines and shapes mixed with simple materials, the result is airy and dynamic in an unexpected way.It's a small apartment that's little bit more than 300sq ft. But they really maximized the space by building this amazing bookshelf that is actually makes the walls of a room. I dream of a place with shelves all over, and that's a fantastic solution!I also love the curved alcove. And look! the seats comes out!
You can see more photos and read more about it, here.


Cafe (Hella Fun) Weekend

After a fun weekend at Cafe Weekend, I just like to share some lovely photos of the cafe, the successful grand opening, and some fun photos taken with USNAPS! Above is a photo of the owner/super entrepreneur couple, Christa&Nin and their adorable cafe/studio. The cafe has a great mix of simple modern design mix with charming vintage materials and findings.
I'm proud to say that Dylan and I contributed by finding that bright yellow coffee sign. We couldn't possibly fit it in our house, so it was perfec that Christa&Nin can actually use it. Pretty perfect, no?
These shelves are made from salvaged school benches! It's clever, resourceful, and one-of-a-kind. I love their display of vintage science books, jars & candies, and of course our sweetheart patches! Yay!
The grand opening was good fun with a great turn out. The cafe offers Cafe Vita coffee, delicious mini-Trophy cupcakes and delicate handmade Japanese wagashi treats by Tokara, Morning Glory Chai tea, Dry soda , and organic Theo's Chocolate.
And here's some real fun from the awesome USNAPS photobooth.Montage of everyone, and there's Chika and I in the middle.
Here's us. Ha ha. That's what I'm saying in the photos...
Thanks Christa&Nin for their awesomeness!
Hope everyone had a good weekend. And here's to Monday!! Woo Hoo! Let's work!


Cafe Weekend Fun

If anyone is around in Seattle this weekend with no special plans what-so-ever like us! We got an idea for you!! Come hang out at this new adorable cafe my friend Christa&Nin had recently opened! It's called Cafe Weekend. They're doing a fun grand opening/cheap date Valentine's day/Presidents day celebration from February 13th-14th.

It's a fun cheap date with friends, loved ones, kids, pets, and whoever and whatever. They're doing lots of special offers and fun activities that's fun for everyone!Also come get some super adorable Chikabird iron-on patches for your shirt, jackets, pants (if you do mind taking it off...) pillow cases, towels...anywhere you like! There will be an ironing station, so you can do your last minute love patch application there, too!
Still don't think it's fun enough? Well, you can also take fun photos using USNAPS photo booth for free!! Doesn't that sound like it's going to be a fun, fun, fun, the number one place for fun? :)

Read below for details of time & location. Don't forget to mark your calender! Hope to see you there!!

café weekend
851 Hiawatha Place South
Seattle, WA 98144

Grand Opening Schedule

Date: February 13th, 2009
Time: Friday 8AM-6PM

Date: February 14th, 2009
Time: Saturday 8AM-3PM

Special Weekend Offerings-
• Caffé Vita coffee neighborhood special buy one coffee get second coffee for free.
• Locally handmade treats
• Traditional Japanese sweets- February only menu from Tokara
• Caramels & Confections- Theo Chocolate local organic bean-to-bar chocolate factory
• Little Rae's Bakery/ free Valentine cookies for kids
• Sweetheart Patch Kit- from Chikabird /Ladies & Gentleman vintage
• Photo-booth provided by USNAPS/ free valentine photos to all customers


Fab Necklushes

Found this via The Rathaus. I'm in love with these series of colorful & fabulous neck embellishment, by Necklush. Made with cotton strands, these versatile scarves can be looped or braided how ever you want around your neck, head, or where ever you can think of.
Simply awesome.


Sweet DIY Valentine Treats By Twig&Thistle

Kathleen from Twig&Thistle blog made these darling DIY treats with lovely packing designs she made for anyone to download (printable straight from your printer!) It's super cute and I'm totally gonna try making them!!Kathleen has a wonderful blog where she shares lots of her own delightful DIY projects and designs as well as things she likes such as graphic design, packaging design, weddings, kid's design and everything lovely and sweet!! We were delighted when she included Chikabird's new Animal Love Patch Kits on her blog! Thanks Kathleen!


What a Bunch Of Tools!

Brooklyn based, Dan Funderburgh is an artist and wallpaper designer. I'm in love with his bold and intricate laser cut tool installation. I love tools, peg boards, and laser cutter. It's as if Dan designed and created this specifically just for ME. Thank you Dan, I'm so flattered. Now I just got to use my non-existant retirement fund to purchase this beautiful piece of art.
Beside making amazing laser cut work of art, Dan also designs beautiful wallpaper. He incorporates everyday object and tools to create patterns that are both stunning and playful at the same time. Dan's wallpaper designs are available through Flavor Paper for $150 a roll (27”×15’)
Not too expensive considering it would be an instant facelift to a space! Thanks Dan for bringing awesomness to our world! What a great guy, I tell you.

Home Improvements!!

Check out our duplex blog, thirty-thirtytwo for some before and afters in our living room and kitchen and flickr for some more shots and details of the current affair of things in our new home. It's shaping up nicely, but still so much work to do.