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Feast for the eyes

I know these ridiculous photos created by Forsman & Bodenfors & Carl Kleiner for Ikea’s new baking book, Hembakat är Bäst (Homemade Is Best) have already traveled around already...but I needed to share it here!
Conceptually this is very similar to what I did for L&G's Superior Servers where each photo had an arrangement of ingredients for a dish....except they did it THOUSANDS times better and have taken it to a WHOLE other level that just totally blew my photos out of the water...and my mind.

I went with simple route and did dishes like ...caprice salad, berries with mint, and rosemary ham with potatoes....
And that was hard enough just shooting those 3 photos picking out the perfect-looking uniform sized cherry tomatoes, berries, mint leaves and all that...and oh...and that piece of picture perfect ham cost me $45.....I'll never forget that moment when I laid my eyes on it at the deli....I immediately called Dylan and said "I think we found our perfect ham..."
It's not very often where I would get so excited over a piece of meat...but boy was that a fine-lookin' piece of ham!

So with that said, I can only imagine how long it takes to plan and making the arrangement for all these recipes! There are only 50,000 of the book printed and only offered at Ikeas in Sweden....bummer...
So until I can fly over there and get a copy myself, I just have to enjoy them here.

Also this video showing the making of it is pretty awesome, too.

IKEA – Homemade is Best. from Forsman & Bodenfors on Vimeo.

L&G at Seattle UCU show this weekend Dec 4th /5th

Along with R&L goods, L&G will be at the winter Urban Craft Uprising show in Seattle this weekend!

This will be L&G's first show where we'll get to display all our goods!! And boy are we excited about all the new one-off items we'll have! Like our Daily Affirmation vintage mirrors!!

Date: Dec. 4-5th, Saturday/Sunday
Time: 11am-5pm
Location: Seattle Exhibition hall

Please go to this post and leave a comment for a L&G givaway of this 7" x 7" "You Can Do This" Daily Affirmation mirrors!
Hope to see some of you there!

More sneaky peaks tomorrow!


Magical Carpets

Check out these insane conceptual carpets by We Make Carpets made out of random objects.
Plastic forks, band-aids, past, cotton balls, and more.
Via Anthology


L&G on Sunset Magazine!

We're stoked that Sunset features our goods from L&G!Beside the fact that we're in a special Holiday Hot List section, they decided to feature BOTH our chalk piggy bank AND servers!!This little piggy is making its way up!
We're excited to see our Superior server next to the adorable teal cupcake mini-pedestals from Jamie & Brian of Iacoli & Mcallister!

Yay! How exciting!
....but of course, with all the excitement comes consequences...this mean that I'll be doing some work over the Thanksgiving weekend!!

Here's to Happy turkey workey day!! I'm pumped!


L&G on Seattle Homes & Lifestyles Magazine

Oops, forgot to share this! Our servers got featured in October issue of Seattle Homes & Lifestyle Magazine along with our friends from Piano Nobile, Chadhaus, and LiT!!


Brite Terrarium Wonderland workshop! 11/20th, Saturday

Brite & SOIL Artist, Nicholas Nyland is excited to present:


WHEN: This SATURDAY, 11/20th, 12-3pm.

WHAT: You will learn to make lovely terrariums ornaments for the holidays and also make terrariums from found containers!

WHERE: Brite Social Studio- 676 S. Jackson Street,

HOW: Pay $15/person, which will include:Terrarium ornament kit/ tools to use/ instructions/ Vita coffee, Tea, or Dry Soda/ Treats/ and good times!

Bring your own containers and make more terrariums or donate to the group!

There's a limit of 20 people for this workshop. So please RSVP by 11/18th at

photo by Land-Rich


Cool Gang of Wool

This isn't your typical old lady yarn store filed with the scent of potpourri..... these ladies from Wool and The Gang had created a shop in making a yarn store and the act of knitting totally cool again!....not just ordinary cool....but hipster cool....
They offer bunch of more than stylish pieces in DIY kits including yarn, kitting needles, instructions, and all the coolness you'll ever need. And especially seeing their clean & cool branding designed by's just so hard to resist!

This is a perfect project for the winter and reason to stay cozy at home, knit, and drink some (or a lot) spiced wine! But of course if you want more of an instant gratification, they also have already made pieces you can just purchase! What bunch of cool smarty-pants they are!


Cardboard...The New Metal

These wonderful cardboard sculptures by Chris Gilmour proves that you don't need a lot of money (just A LOT of time...and talent) to make all the things you want in the world....

Via Anthology

L&G Lost in Translation on Marie Claire Maison!

L&G's servers got mentioned on Marie Claire Maison blog! They wrote bunch of stuff in French....I wonder what they wrote....
Here's to google translate....

Exit () COVERED!

It all started with a crucial question: What color, salad servers? They took what color?

Let me explain. Is what you've ever pick up a virus of the fever that makes you for hours and between two bavouilles on the pillow, you done spouting things without rhyme or reason? (There, there must be fewer players who say yes, otherwise I'll feel very lonely ...) Anyway. Me, it happened to me once and it seems that I posed the above question (with a hint of annoyance in his voice too!) Needless to say, this story haunted me long (partly because that 'I have been reused many between the dish and the cheese - when the salad, so) Now, I can still confidently say that I found my happiness.

These covered for the service are published by Ladies & Gentlemen, a design agency founded by John Lee and Dylan Davis. and to answer my own question: I want every color!

Apparently Google even translated my name to "John Lee" to all the French people who read the post, Dylan & I are one fabulous gay couple!
UPDATE: I asked my French brother-in-law about the post title which I assume "Exit () Covered!" got a little lost in Google translation... But here's a better explanation from an actual French speaking person:
"sortez les couverts : put out the utensils. Couvert stands for utensil for sure. Sortez can be translated by come out, put out, going out ... buttttt there are playing on the words. Writting les in parantheses is funny. sortez couvert means go out protected (or stay protected/wear condom)... these french people, even when speaking of utensil they need to put a sex feeling in it !!"

Ahh...It all makes sense now...
Oh....wait a minute! So the part about "finding my happiness" means...oh dear...
So to add to the idea that Dylan & I are a gay couple to all the French readers, we're also the designers who makes serving utensils that also serve as sex toys...just perfect.


Brite's Take Out Take Off

As we did ourselves out of a's a little glimpse at our very first official event in the new Brite space on Jackson and 7th here in Seattle.

Our goal was to introduce people to our new neighborhood in a fun, engaging way. Quick, what's the most fun, engaging thing you can think of?... If you said "FOOD!" you're 100% correct!

Here's how it worked:

Our lucky guests got to mingle and draw maps of the area from memory. Everyone's knowledge varied a lot...just what we were hoping for.

After mapping, we divided everyone into teams of 3-4 members and assigned them a two block section of the International District. People then each picked two adjectives from a hat.

The mission: go to your area and find a single dish that can be described by the two adjectives.

The stores in the area ranged from restaurants, grocery stores, medicine shops, to bakeries...

After finding their dishes, everyone brought their take-out back to the Brite space, where everyone shared stories from their part of the neighborhood and gorged on the buffet of delicious treats. What a way to kick off the Brite space?

For more, check out the Brite blog and flickr


See the rest of the photos of the event HERE!