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L&G Item in their new home

I spotted the two mustache gentlemen I sold in their new home on flickr! I sold these awhile back to Christine at Jackrabbit.
The guys looks perfect in their space along with their new mustache friends. :D
She has a great space and you can see more, here!
I just love seeing where things end up and how people incorporate it in their space! It makes me so happy to see my findings in a nice home like Christine's. Yay!


We're Growing!

The dupe got bunch of vegetable seeds and we're growing them!! LOOK! Well...we actually started in end of March. So don't be surprised if you see the plants a foot taller in the next couple posts. :P
This is my first time growing vegetables, so this is totally exciting to see these cute little greens growing out of the soil and watch them get taller and taller each day! I know nothing about growing vegetables, so I've been getting lots of great tips from everyone. One great tip we got was putting the seeds in the fridge for couple days and then plant it. This way, it tricks them in thinking that it's warmer weather and then they'll wanna come out! Silly plants...they don't know any better.
Here's what we're growing! Egg plants, beets, cucumbers, peas, peppers, arugula, heirloom and cheery tomatoes, cilantro, dill, chives, basil...Eventually they'll all go to our dupe backyard! I just hope we can keep them alive and to produce some awesome vegetables...otherwise I'm gonna be really sad....and pissed. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...permanently. This will ensure all the plants to produce awesome vegetables.


Urbancase at Cairo Today!

urbancase will be introducing their new line of contemporary furniture, lighting and home accessories at cairo in Seattle TODAY from 7-9 pm.
This is your chance to see their new designs before hitting the big apple for ICFF! It's a great feeling to know that you'll be the first one to see some new design before everyone else in NY!! ....and that's what is all about.
I'm loving this first aid bar kit! So practical! It's great for the living I'm just gonna put one in every room! :D
I've yet to check out cairo, but have heard great things about the gallery. I suppose when you put 2 awesome people like Joel (owner of 20Twenty) and Justine (creates beautiful paintings) together, it's inevitable that awesome results come of them. I can already tell that I'm gonna love the gallery. Just look at the photo of their space! I always wanted to build a whole wall with mis-matched old windows! JEALOUS!!

Don't miss it if you're in Seattle!
Cairo is located at 507 E Mercer St (near the corner of Summit and Mercer in Capitol Hill).


L&G Storytime No.9: Decorating ABC's

This L&G storytime takes up another fantastic vintage decorating book “Betty Pepis Interior Decoration A to Z”. Betty P was apparently quite the authority on decorating in her day, so let’s see what sort of alphabet she has to teach us:

A is for Accessories: who can’t help but notice these accessories’ brilliant colors?Speaking of color…you guessed it C is for COLOR! We especially like this example using shades of red, pink, orange yellow and with a dash of bright green:
F is for Fur…but we can’t help but oogle at the Fur-niture in this image:
P is for “pattern placement”:
W is for Wire. Wouldn’t you love to sit on this dandy chair couple’s laps?:
…now at this point, you’re probably thinking: What the hell is Ms. Pepis going to do at Z?…what else other than….drrumm-rolllll…. ZEBRA! Bit of a stretch don't you think Betty?


Fruity Goodness

This post is inspired by my previous post about juice boxes by Naoto Fukusawa!
An Apple A Day poster by Vik. Stick all the apple stickers on there! It's cool looking AND healthy!
This ring by Jia Style. It's named "Burning Volcano", but it totally looks like a strawberry to me!
Sweet fruit calender by Claire Nereim.


Muto Awesome Animation!

This is a super amazing graffiti animation, Titled 'Muto' by Blu. The 6 and half minute long animation moves from one wall to another, to the side walk, and into a room! I like seeing traces of the previous painted images...
The sound effects are great, too!

Enjoy! Happy Friday!


Juicy Juice Box Designs By Naoto Fukusawa

Check out these clever juice box designs by Naoto Fukusawa. He's known for his minimal yet intuitive design approach. Ultimately he designs to avoid the need for instruction manuals or descriptions....they're pretty much idiot proof.
Even though it seems so obvious, to achieve that level of simplicity is easier said than done.

So there's really no need to come up with juice names like "World's Best Real Fruit Juice So You GOTTA Get Some and Drink It and also Your Kids Will Love It and Get Addicted To it...Oh There's also Half Percent of Calcium and Antioxidant and NO FREE plastic lead toy included!!"
Not necessary.


Interview with La Casita De Wendy

I am super excited to share a little story behind the magic of La Casita De Wendy. Thanks to the invention of blogs, I had the pleasure to "meet" Inés & Iván on my blog through L&G blog!

I decided on a whim to contact Inés & Iván to share my love for their clothes. I wanted to find out how I can get my hands on their adorable dresses! (especially the top right, and the dress with the mug prints...actually all of it!!) I also asked them if I could do a blog post about them, and to my delight, Inés & Iván replied kindly and agreed!! I was thrilled that they took the time out of their busy and exciting life to do this. Thanks guys for all your awesomeness!
I'm excited to share everything about them and what they do! They make work seem so effortless and life more fun than the Wii! There's too much to talk about and I wouldn't do justice if I didn't share all this goodness with everyone! So be prepared to read a long post!
Inés & Iván are two super talented fashion & textile designers based in Madrid,Spain. (cool!) They often use colors and patterns that are nature inspired and motifs that reference Iberian fairytales. The result is carefree, passionate, romantic,and expressive. In essence, their designs capture the spirit of a fairytale girl living in a modern world...
Their designs are in tons stores around the world including Barneys in New York, Matsuya, Lamp, Koh Samui and Fenwick in London, Surface to Air in Paris, Suite in Barcelona, Deli Room in Madrid, and more. (even cooler!)
The two of them started La Casita De Wendy in 02' and they both actually first got their degrees in architecture. Clothing design started off simply as a hobby, but it's a total meant to be, because it seems that everything just fell into place for word.....Bjork.
Yes, no joke.....Bjork wore their designs for one of her photoshoots for a magazine spread at one point!! (WHAT?!? that's just freaking ridiculously insane cool!) I can't even imagine how I would react if Bjork ever came to me and wore clothes I designed....if that ever happened to me in a million years...I think I would be happy to just dig a grave and bury myself alive...Yeah...since I'm pretty sure that I would probably just freeze and fall into a OH-MY-GOD-BJORK-WORE-MY-CLOTHES-coma for the rest of my life anyways....
Change subject. So here's my first little interview with La Casita De Wendy!
What's the main vision behind La Casita De Wendy?
We want to design beautiful stuff for creative people and we want to be inspired by the greatest beauty of nature.
Both of you hold an architecture degree, so what inspired you both to get into fashion design?
we started to make clothes just like a hobby and because it was difficult to find beautiful designs in Madrid, so we started to sell our collections to friends... and after a few years we realized that we liked designing soooo much that we decided to continue. It was a great help that we had a big success the first time we went to an international trade show and many shops like Barneys in New York wanted our stuff... and Bjork wanted to wear some of our designs...

How did you two meet and how did the teaming up happen?
We met dancing Pulp!! and we start to go out together and that's all... we connected!

What are your main roles in the Company?
Now we have a lot of work so we have to organize ourselves, Inés takes care of the collection, the samples, the sales... and Iván takes care of the production and special events, collaborations, consulting etc...
Where do you get your most inspirations from?
We are inspired by Fairy tales, imagination, painting and of course nature.
Besides your love for fashion, what are some other loves you have?
we love cooking, staying at home, reading, painting and living.
What would your dream studio look like and where would it be?
we love our studio as it is, but we would love to be more in the country, we are doing a vegetables garden in our backyard and we dream about having a big garden in the mountains and being able to work from there...

So, I found out after the interview that besides all the amazing things they do designing clothes and ALSO turns out that Inés & Iván have started teaching fashion workshop called El Estudio!! They teach fashion workshops right from their atelier with students from all over Spain, Britain and beyond! They teach them everything from creating their own sketch/inspiration book, to creating their own line, to branding, to ways to start their business! So by the end of the 16 week course, the students themselves can achieve their dream of designing their own line! You can see lots of great process photos from their El Estudio blog, too. I love seeing all the rich watercolor drawings and inspirations.
God! I so want to take off and live in Madrid for 4 months and take that workshop! (I'm talking to you God....can you make this happen?? it can count as my birthday present!)

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing about them!
Okay, gotta go and figure out a plan to live/work/study in Madrid now since God isn't responding to me....I can never count on that guy!

You can also read their blog to read more about their inspiring lifestyle! If you can't read Spanish like me, use the handy google translate to read their site!....I don't know what I'd do if google didn't exist. Cheers!


L&G Storytime No.8: Visual Feast for Two

L&G would like to share another book!! It's Betty Crocker's "Dinner For Two" Cookbook FILLED with amazing illustrations by Charley Harper. This cookbook is a total feast for the eyes especially for all of the Charley Harper fans out there.
We like how these illustrations are looser and more playfully sketched than a lot of his other work.The cookbook is also filled with recipes for American favorites such as these delights below:Roast beef, broiled hamburgers, speedy baked beans, green salad, quick brown bread, biscuits, apple pie, and strawberry shortcake. Mmmmm...
Try as they may to make the food photography look appealing, you can literally feel your arteries clogging as you look at the spreads. Thank goodness they had Charley Harper illustrations to keep the photos of shellacked roasts to a minimum.
You can see tons more images, here.


Origami Pillows

I've been eying on these origami pillows on UO for awhile now...must get. Actually I already ordered it!! I'm not always this compulsive, but I have a good feeling about these pillows....very good feeling.
Ever since I saw the magical origami animation I can't stop thinking much that I had to get these pillows to sleep on it. It just brings back all the great childhood memories of doing origami....oh the satisfying feeling lining up to corners and making perfectly creased crips edges.....mmmm...crispy paper edges...



Via Reference Library
I would really REALLY like to get my hands on one of these Apartamento Magazines....they're about to release their 3rd issue on April 20th...all the way in Milan. Also they're putting together an Everyday Life Objects Shop.....UGH! it all sounds sooo cool!!! WHY do I live in Seattle and not Italy!?
Just look at the photos of the past issues (which are sold out! grrr)....what rich images, thick quality paper, great content and layout?....

Okay, can someone quit hogging it and pass that over to me please...., like NOW.
Dude, seriously.