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Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary

Today is Dylan and I's 5th year of unmarried anniversary!! I know it's April fool's day, but I'm not here to fool anyone...If that was the case, it would be the lamest joke ever.

To give you a little background story, Dylan and I met at UW when we were both in the industrial design department. It took us 2 long years before we became official. It was similar to Pam & Jim on the Office (we like to compare ourselves to fictional TV characters...) where we were both too shy to do anything besides making dumb jokes and goofing around. It wasn't until 2004 when we went on a class roadtrip to a design conference in San Francisco where we officially became an item....along with the help of a little alcohol. :P
We're not proud to say that we had to resort to that, but sometimes they sure come in handy! :D
But now...we're not quite sure how we're going to tell our kids that...I suppose we can tell them when they're in their 30's.
The following year, we spent our first anniversary in our most unforgettable trip when we went on a study abroad trip to Rome for almost 3 months. (more photos, here) Going through all the photos brought back so many memories. I made a little booklet for Dylan as our fist anniversary gift before actually going to Rome. The book was titled "w/o Words" and they're just series of images that highlights our first year together with silly graphics. (FYI, I'm not a graphic designer, so don't mind my horrible layout)The front & back cover of the book
We started dating in April, so just a little chart showing our year from month to month.
Yes....This is how and where it happened. Shots of Absolut Mandrin in SF. Oh yeah...what a romantic beginning.
And then Teddy Bear (Dylan) and Taiwanese Doll (Jean) is in love. He can't call me Chinese Doll, because I'm not from China....and yes, there is a difference.
When I dream, I tend to dream of flying with butterflies in lollipop wonderland.
Dylan on the other hand dreamt that the Space Needle was on fire...That's when I fell in love with his humanitarian character. But Space Needle...really? I can care less about that thing let alone dream about it. :P
and THAT was our first breakfast we made know what that means..(double wink...with both eyes) It was supposed to be chocolate pancake, but they didn't quite turn out the way we wanted to. We ate it anyways event though it looked like dog crap.
We took a short trip to Lyon & St. Etienne in France for School. We like that poster of Bush and the message saying "Cloning, no thanks!" That other poster totally CRACK us up! This bizarre wall art was in a romantic French style hotel room we stayed in. Everything about the room was beautiful and perfect, white soft bed with clean bedding, sheer laced curtain in front of a tall window with ornate iron fence and a view of the city...and then there was that print! The dreamy flower garden with an empty chair, a cello leaning against it and a draped white cloth...and then there's the German Shepperd staring at it....HUH?!?
These are photos I took of different knobs and door details in France. I love the colors and character of it all. But the facial expression on that thing on the right totally kills us, too. We thought it was hilarious that it was on a fancy public fountain. That was the face we made when we were looking at the poster with the German Shepperd. :D
And that's us, super-imposed around Rome....and with Pope John Paul II. Awesome!


jan said...

Happy Anniversary you guys! Cute story!

jamie said...

ahhhaahhahah i love it. happy belated birthday and happy anniversary (you sinners). pope's gonna want to see you all married and stuff (imm├ędiatement!)

Terri said...

5 years and no "oops" babies! Good to know you are both responsible sinners.

Chika said...

High Five for 5!

While I enjoyed your story, I don't understand why you always have to hate on the needle. It's the pinnacle of technology and design... for all time. ever. I'm going to put a concrete replica of it in our backyard. Next to the gazing ball.

omg that last picture of you guys peeking out from behind the pope is hilarious.

Jess said...

This is adorable!! Congrats you two!

Jean said...

Thanks y'all. Doesn't feel like it's been 5 years. But it's been even longer between the space needle and i. (almost 9 years!) Don't worry chika, the needle is totally cool with me talking crap about it. We're tight like that.