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Piggy's New Home

Got this delightful email from a customer the other day.....

- - - - - - -
This morning, in the office:

-oink- -oink- -oooooink-

Hey you! Hey! Come here!!! Go back!! Don't run!

I've goooot it!! I've goooooot iiiiit!!

Simply amazing :D Nice proportions, perfect choice of materials and excellently protected for the trip. This will be his new home.

- - - - - - -
This totally put a smile on my face. :)
Looks like the piggy will be enjoying his new home in SPAIN! (I'm actually jealous of the chalk piggy!)

Also Diego has a graphic design studio, Clay, and a really awesome blog.

Thanks Deigo!


Block Party

I know I really should be banned from going to anymore estate sales...and you can see why! I somehow came back with a whole box of these vintage building blocks with amazing colors & shapes. 
Why? you ask?...I say, more like why NOT?! 

Wooden blocks is probably one of my favorite things. 
It's simple, versatile,  and is an amazing medium that allows anyone at any age to create something physical in the most basic way. 
Even now as an adult playing with the blocks, I find that they're extremely useful for our design process as we can play with it to quickly create mini models,  explore forms, structures, and compositions. 
It's just amazing how entertaining they are for the fact that they're just bunch of pieces of wood....yes, I'm very easily entertained.

Although, I have yet come up with specific ideas on what to make with them...
Something will come of this I'm sure...but until then I'm just gonna have a party playing with these building blocks!

Time for Fun: Hand-Making Models for New Ideas

Finally feel like we're getting around to do something fun & creative in the studio!

We'll be going up to Vancouver to be part of the Interior Design Show West (Sept 29th-Oct 3) along with JOIN. This will be L&G's first time showing some of our furniture pieces, but also it will be the first time for all of us to show in Vancouver! Very exciting...

I didn't realize how much I missed hand-making models with color pencils, chipboard, balsa wood, and all that. Totally felt like a kid again.   

More to come, but here's a lil' sneak peak...

Some sample look books
A prototype of our new concept...can you guess what will be?

Cabinets IN!

Base on my trend study for this season ... I say that cabinets are totally IN....our kitchen that is.

We're just going with Ikea cabinets, but will finish the fronts with a mix of oak and birch plywood.
Amongst all the cabinets, we integrated an open nook to break up the space, but also just so I can display all my vintage glass jar collection to keep all my dry foods. Dylan drew that in just to see what it'd look like.
Testing our steel hanging bar!


Born for Osborn

Ok...yeah I'm a little sad that summer will be ending soon, but I'm a total sucker for Fall clothes and is TOTALLY ready for some Fall shoes like these ones from Osborn!


Snorting Drywall Dust Phase

As we got to the phase of putting up dry wall & mudding our kitchen,  we soon started to question why we even started this whole kitchen renovation project in the first place!
No one ever warned us about how awful this whole process is!  For only the size of our kitchen, it took us more than a week of hanging the walls, Dylan mudding the walls in the morning, and then me sanding the walls at  late through the night (repeat 3 times)....and on top of that having all the joint compound dust suck all the moisture out of our body.
I only have pictures of the kitchen before it got bad...and before I went crazy.
Then it was just dust....EVERYWHERE.....
...and then it was just me swearing like a sailor and looking like Peg-Pen from Charlie Brown the whole rest of the time...


Some L&G Fall features

Totally stoked that our Superior Servers got some attention along with Be-YON-ce~ in the Fall issue of InStyle that weighs at least 5lb.
Although a little dissapointed that we didn't get a 8 page spread of us in fancy glam outfits nor an interview about my perspective on success, love & family like I thought we'd get...we're still pretty darn happy that our feature is at the back end of Beyonce! Hell yes.

Then us in Bon Appetit!
Just look at the juicy cover....Me huuuungry....

Then I spotted us in Small Magazine by accident! I'm totally excited when I saw this since I love looking at everything in there with their cute kids and cute photoshoots, clothes and everything! Something about things, people, and animals in smaller forms that simply makes them automatically cuter....except baby insects & reptiles....eew, gross.

Servers on Page 74!

I especially love the wooden poached egg!


Aug 2011 NYIGF Wrap up!

Here's a recap of the JOIN at the NYIGF for the 3rd time!

This time with us being in the lobby outside of the Accent on Design area turned out to be a MUCH more pleasant of a space to be in...especially when the sun is out! Just look at how everything shines on the table!

Above: New server colors and cake servers from L&G, and colorful big Silicone ring by fruitsuper....and NO they're NOT eraser rings!
Here we got Chelsea H. from plainMADE getting a little sun tanning sesh at the Javits....

Photos above by Grain

New frame light colors from Iacoli & McAllister.
Also this time being next to AmDC made it 100 times more fun, too!

photo by Steph Mantis
Here are some highlights from AmDC's booth:
Bracelets made with mix marble cuts celebrating the colors & patterns of the various types of stone. By Chen Chen & Kai Tsien Williams.

Chika and I got to trade with Patrick Kim for one of his clever wooden tons and these lovely cutting boards with a simple rubber band at the end to keep it from slipping around.  So clever & thoughtful!

Beautiful and sleek glass vessels from Felicia Ferrone based out of Chicago.

Playful two-headed animal necklaces in various metals by Steph Mantis! (and yes... exclamation mark is required when referring to Steph!)

...and of course, we wouldn't feel complete at the NYIGF until we have some sort of birthday celebration! and this year is no exception...
Here's Chika with her doughnut birthday cake composed by me and Christa (of blkPINE bags). This is second time celebrating Chika's bday at the Javits and we went all out and made a doughnut tower with yummy doughnuts from Doughnut Plant....surrounded with coconut macaroons, strawberry Pocky sticks, and flower pom pom with napkins provided by the Javits.
Yes...I know...only a master mind & a true artist can create such master piece such as this. Christa and I took MAD pride in carefully piling the doughnuts up and sprucing it all up...and all the  grease spots on the box only shows how much thought went into this...


Let's "Walk" Around the World!

Check out this  9 Eyes project by Jon Rafman, where he "traveled" around the world with Google Street View in search of these amazing unintentional photo documented shots that captures the most fascinating scenes and moments.  Some of which are amazingly beautiful, bizzare, horrific, random or just straight up funny going on...

Aaaaand...Don't think I'll be looking at real estate on these streets below anytime soon....

I'm forever fascinated with Google Street View...and this guy.