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Snorting Drywall Dust Phase

As we got to the phase of putting up dry wall & mudding our kitchen,  we soon started to question why we even started this whole kitchen renovation project in the first place!
No one ever warned us about how awful this whole process is!  For only the size of our kitchen, it took us more than a week of hanging the walls, Dylan mudding the walls in the morning, and then me sanding the walls at  late through the night (repeat 3 times)....and on top of that having all the joint compound dust suck all the moisture out of our body.
I only have pictures of the kitchen before it got bad...and before I went crazy.
Then it was just dust....EVERYWHERE.....
...and then it was just me swearing like a sailor and looking like Peg-Pen from Charlie Brown the whole rest of the time...

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