For the love of all things vintage, clever, designed, and/or delicious, we celebrate objects and rituals in all their glory!


Blooming Origami

A simple concept of cutting and folding some paper....but when carefully placed on the water....the result is more than mesmerizing & simply beautiful to watch.

Here's the video showing an array of shapes made by the artist, Etienne Cliquet:

Via Colossal


Portland Remodelista Market, June 4th!

Part 2 of Remodelista market in Portland, Hosted by Schoolhouse Electric!
This time both L&G and R&L goods (so many ands!) will both be at this event! Double awesomeness!

Saturday, June 4th, from 11 am to 4 pm,
located at 2181 NW Nicolai, Portland, OR 97210 (At the new Schoolhouse Factory)

Featured vendors include Alder & Co, Anna Mara Floral Design, Bakeshop by Kim Boyce, Canoe, Egg Press, Frazier Wing, Glassybaby, Joey Roth, Julian Paul, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, Lilith Rockett, Maak Soap Lab, Makelike Design, Monograph Bookwerks, Olo Fragrance, Pink Slip Jams, R & L Goods, Space Design, Sword + Fern, The Joinery, Yolo Colorhouse and more.

Wooden Automatons

Check out these amazing handmade automatons by by Japanese artist, Kazu Harada.
Besides the fact that each one looks beautifully on its own, the mechanism & the action makes them even more wonderfully magical.
I can play with these all day and never get tired it.

Especially this Duck one!!

Also I love the sound of this Matryoshka.

How does this work?? It's KIIIIILING me!!

Hope you have a happy & unproductive weekend watching all of Kazu's videos!


Dark & Beautiful

I'm obsessed with everything at this London based shop, Darkroom!!
Everything is just insanely striking and beautiful....


Collected Magazine

This new online lifestyle magazine, Collected, launched this May founded by Krista Schrock and Jessica Comingore.

I love all their well-curated hand picked items. Pretty much.... I just want everything on these pages.


Sprout of a Great Idea!

After a long day of work doing our L&G Spring Sale, we had the pleasure to go to one of the Sprout dinners!

Sprout is a local Seattle non-profit organization where they organize dinners in support of local artists, designers, or performers and their creative endeavors through a voting process over a meal.
The idea:
Attendees pay $20 for a full deliciously homemade 3 course meal.
A list of 4-6 Artists/designers presents their project to the audience as they dine.
At the end of the meal, everyone votes for their favorite project.
Then the winner gets the money collected from the event to pursue their dream!!
I just love how simple and straight forward this format is in getting people from the community to participate and support something collectively.
It was a totally enriching experience to see and hear about all the interesting projects and help support someone and their ideas...and all the while eating amazing food and drinking wine & local brewed beer....pretty amazing.

What was served:
Home made pickled beets & string beans.
Toasted quinoa with goat cheese.
Simple penne pasta dish with saute chard & fresh tomatoes.
Rhubarb crisp with homemade caramel & ice cream....HEAVEN!!
I like it when Seattle makes awesomeness like this. :)
I already can't wait for the next event!

Watch this great video about Sprout:


Sneak Peak of L&G SPRING SALE

More pics of our Spring Vintage Sale this weekend!!
We really letting go....
See? No joke.
But just to warn you, you might see us cry or fight you a bit on handing certain things over...but we promise we won't make a scene out of it...We'll try to stay strong...

SEE event details here and see more of what we gots here....But really, You need to just come HERE!

Our sale of the century!

Hey there Seattle area readers. Scoot your butts over to Ballard this weekend for our first ever L&G Studio Vintage Sale.

May 21st-22nd. At the L&G studio/homestead at 2430 NW 62nd st, Seattle

Our addiction to raiding thrift stores and estate sales has gotten the best of us and before we end up on the show "Hoarding: Buried Alive" we thought we'd do some much overdue spring purging.

Our wonderful assortment includes (see more pics):

  • Classic design brands (Dansk, Hornsea, Braun, Catherine Holm, Alessi, Stelton)
  • Antique Curiosities (globes, housewares, tchotchkes, handmade ceramics)
  • Obsolete technology (typewriters, reel to reel decks, film cameras)
  • Vintage design, craft, and kids books
  • L&G original seconds, samples, and one-offs

MAY 21st, SATURDAY: Come for the choice finds!
MAY 22nd, SUNDAY: get 50% off (items will be discounted all day)!

It will be hard to see the treasures we fought so hard to find leave our hands, but we know they'll be going to appreciative new homes and that just makes us feel so warm and cozy.

Excited to see you there!


It's all this simple...

According to one of our vintage books...

Who'd have known beauty is this easy to achieve...maybe instead of thinking outside the box, we just need to think about the shape of it?

A Great Big Mess..For A Great New Start

We've been doing some MAJOR spring cleaning, purging, and re-organizing....and pretty much turning our house upside-down! This was the state of our house shuffling everything around before we had the L&G Spring Vintage Sale! EEEEK!!

Who would have thought that we had this much stuff! (...actually probably everyone else knew except US!) ....we were THIS close on becoming hoarders buried alive...So part of the reason...besides the fact that we had hoarding issues....we also decided to do this purge so we can create a designated working space for L&G!!
This is especially important since Dylan is now OFFICIALLY working on L&G FULL TIME!!
We're gonna take L&G to the next level...make & design more things full time without killing each other!
It's been totally liberating to let go of the things we had. But mostly we're SO excited for all the new changes & the things we'll get to do for ourselves and for L&G!!

Here's what we got planned:

Turn what was previously our bedroom to L&G office:
-Expand our Dansk desk so can be usable on both sides
-Closet will become shipping & supplies area.
-Put a WHOLE wall of shelving with these CHEAP Ikea shelving system.
-Have desk lamps!

Turn what was previously our office/storage to a minimal & cozy bedroom:
-Colors: white, black, natural
-Materials: cheap pine sheets & cynder blocks for shelving, ropes & metal tubes for open hanging racks.
-plants & hanging plants!

Our main source of inspiration for our new spaces...The House Book 1974 by Terence Conran:
This book is one of our favorite go-to book for ideas when we need inspirations for our space...

Love the feel of this photo for our bedroom!!
It would be a total dream come true to have just simple open shelves like this in our office for books, stereo and things...
ahh....more storage ideas...

yah...I'd be perfectly happy if I can just live in this book...


A Little Contribution to Anthology's Attrubutes Column

Kate Pruitt, the online editor for Anthology invited us to contribute to their new {Attributes} column where each person shares a collection of objects they value or reflects a little something about themselves.
I decided to share some of the delightful little things, gifts, and finds from our recent trip to Japan.

read the post here.


L&G presents: Cane & Able

We're debuting Cane & Able at a satellite exhibit, USE ME, in conjunction with ICFF.
A simple whitened pine stool truncated by a vintage cane. A multi-purpose supportive, mobile, and hangable stool. While they typically act as a person's 3rd leg, its now acting as the 4th leg...or even 6th leg if you decide to use to take it out for a walk.
Two of em hanging out...
Detail of dowel leg construction:
Visit Cane & Able in person during ICFF week at the American Design Club's USE ME show.

I wanna YELLE!!

I'm totally loving Yelle's new album...but totally kicking myself for not getting their tickets soon enough!!

whaaaa~ me cry (;_;)



We got our pieces in the show!! Woo Hoo!
This will be our first time participating in a design show in NY!! We're stoked!! But sad that we won't be able to be part of the excitement in person.. bum bums....
It's gonna be a pretty amazing group of designers and I'm 101% sure there will be pretty amazing stuff, there, too!
...but here's our crazy shipping mess & packaged items before shipping them out to NY...which took me all night to makeshift a custom sized box from scratch.....who does that??
I think I ended up using every types of packing material possible for this box.
It was seriously a total piece of work in itself. :P
...but i think the people at AmDC will probably forever hate me because it's probably going to be a total hassle to unwrap it.....saaaaawweeeee~!!

We'll reveal the pieces under all those mysterious foam, bubble wraps, and cardboard pieces soon!!


Dream Closet

MUST check out this inspiring closet visit of Momoko Suzuki's space, wardrobe, and her stylish sensibility.
I first saw some pieces from her brand Black Crane at Mohawk General Store (my new fav shop in LA) and wished I had splurged on one of her beautiful Japanese dyed shirts. (below)...but mostly, I wish I can just have all her clothes..and everything she owns....