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Snow Covered New York City

Took these photos when we flew into NYC for the NYIGF......never flown to a city covered in snow like this...
How amazing...
As much as I dread walking around NYC in the snow....I still can't deny how pretty it is....

JOIN us again at NYIGF 2011

For our second national show, JOIN has combined forces once again along with 6 other Northwest design studios to launch a series of new products and accessories at the New York International Gift Fair January 30th - February 3rd, 2011.

JOIN will be located in booth #3916 in Accent on Design.

We're stoked to see some exciting new things from our friends!R&L goods' new linen button scarves. (That's Dylan & I...ha ha)

Iacoli & McAllister's brass & suede adjustable necklaces,

Meet Me Here's recycled banner bag with a nice finishing touch of the leather handles.

plainMADE's perfect spring silk scarves

Grain's new hand mirror handbound with natural twine.

BLK Pine's new canvas bag line.


L&G's New Items!

We know that the winter holiday has just past...but this also means its time to launch some new items for 2011 Spring/Summer! I know I'm ready for it!

here's a quick intro of our new additions:

This little piggy has a twist!: A new, limited edition (of 100) Chalk-it-to-me Piggy Bank with a knotted leather tail.
Superior Server Blues: We added a handsome new spring color - Vintage Aqua - to the Superior Server family!
Porcelain Gem Necklaces: Hand-cast ceramic gem stone necklaces highlighted along with various type chains.
Some of these new items will be launched at this coming NYIGF with JOIN!
JOIN has combined forces once again along with 6 other Northwest design studios to launch a series of new products and accessories at the New York International Gift Fair January 30th - February 3rd, 2011.

Hurray for new things!


Starting the Year with a Little Attitude

I know most people tries to start the year with a great new year resolutions and to do things with a clear mind....but I couldn't help but be compulsive when I saw this AWESOME cat calender by Alex Lin (of Studio Lin) and got it!!
This lovely piece is a "limited edition 12 month calendar featuring beautiful kittens in United Bamboo Ready-to-Wear."
Each month is of a cat wearing especially designed outfits perfectly tailored & sized for the kitties...I know...
Now that's.....purrrrrtty cool.

I really don't think I can get as motivated for the year if I didn't get this!
On top of that, I'm also just a sucker for cleverly designed & packaged item. Alex' work are always so well detailed, clever & fun.
It comes in a beautiful silk-screened sleeve, and all the number on the dates are blind embossed onto nice heavy gloss sheets. The very last page even has all 12 months silver foil stamped as well....
....I think I died a little when I was holding it in my hands and looking at faces of these cats in their fancy outfits...
and of course to top it off....they even included little brief bios about each kitty and what they like & dislike....
I know what you're thinking....I'm gonna become a crazy cat lady...
but guess what? probably right...that might just happen.


List Making

I'm still letting the new year sinking in a little....and still thinking about some plans & resolution for the new year!
My sister showed me this inspirational book "Lists: To-dos, Illustrated Inventories, Collected Thoughts, and Other Artists' Enumerations from the Collections of the Smithsonian Museum"
The long title says it's pretty much a beautiful visual documentation of all sorts of creative artists' various sketches/mind maps/lists/ideas.
It's so neat to see the various ways of how each person organizes their thoughts and ways of documenting that on paper.... all of which are works of art in itself.

I love this list by Adolf Konrad where he drew out all the things he was packing for a trip....including himself. How lovely...
By Oscar Bluemner: list of works of art.

Beautiful sketches, one of which by Alexander Calder on top left.
Some neat looking charts & visual lists
This got me looking at all the notebooks I have. And instead of keeping journals (which I'm never diligent about!), I always keep my handy dandy R&L notebook with me so I can always write down notes & sketch out ideas wherever. I've kept all my used Moleskine notebooks, and it works well for me as my journal since all the little notes, sketches, and scribbles is a direct documentation of my thought process at that moment in time.

Here are some of my lists from 2010:
Some tabs of keeping our servers

some sketches for styling our servers/ drawings of our chalk piggy bank

Sketches of product post cards for JOIN/ some ideas for our kitchen

You can call my old-fashioned...but I believe that even with the most high-tech electronic pads out there, there are none that can ever replace the satisfying tangible quality of a real paper notebook with the warmth of hand-drawn sketches, and the richness of coffee stained pages or the softly warn covers....
...and now....I need to get started on my 2011 list (s)!!


Peace & Serenity 24/7

I would DREAM to have Mary Temple paint one of her beautiful nature shadow-like paintings in my house someday....
I like feeling like sun shining into our windows all year round even when it's actually miserablly rainy or cloudy out.So beautifully real...
via My Love For You


L&G goods on TV!

This is the first time yet!
L&G's Superior Servers actually got featured by Katie Woolsey (Marketing editor for Country Living Magazine) where she presented a holiday gift guide under $50 for local news channel in Denver!

It's our first time being on TV and boy are we glad that it was just the servers that go on TV and not us! :P

Festivities All Year Round

Here's to the new year! Seeing all these fun photos on The Selby of the duo from Confetti System reminded me that we should try to make every work day feel like this!!
The duo started the company solely creating modern party pinatas & garlands to for the most amazing companies & people doing installations, events & performances.
I'm imagining their work days is like having a fun party everyday...partying like it's 1999.....except in 2011.
What a life!
I can't wait to party everyday....I mean, work.
Here's to another exciting New Year!!