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Golden Beats

All this awesome goldness in the air gots me thinking about how we'll need some party beats like a little Santigold....

A little Goldfrapp...

and a little Kanye's Gold Digger....

AND of course.....The Golden Girls!!

NOW LET'S PAR-TAY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Golden Day!!!

So....this is sorta kinda a big deal....well, not as big of a deal compare to the golden year...
BUT still...this year, 2012, this month, March, tomorrow, the gonna be my golden birthday!!!!
Damn right.. I'll be turning 30 on the 30th!
But I'm WAAAAAAY more excited about the GOLDEN part than some silly insignificant number!
For anyone who knows me, I'm not the type of person to make a big deal out of my birthdays...(except when it involves kareoke) 

Dylan is being a TOTAL sweetheart and is planning the event and all I know is that we'll be having an nice group community dinner at Belle Clementine, which I can't wait!!!
So all I have to worry about is how I can make myself look golden for my big day!
Yah... I know...I sound like I'm 16, but it's been awhile.  :)
(Gold image and tassels above from Confetti System)

I'm not one to go all out and cover myself gold from head to toe like getting some fancy gold evening gown, sexy gold heels, and flashy gold tooth (they all go hand in hand, right?)
...BUT I'm always up for some tasteful gold accessories!

I was looking for a button up shirt with gold accents of some sort and ended up finding THIS gold collar necklace!....that's not available anymore! Bummer!!
But I think I can make something up by sewing a gold collar to go on a simple white dress shirt to classy it up!

I also really want gold polka dots tights, but can't find it anywhere!...I guess that means I'll need to make my own polka dots on my black leggings!! :P

Of course....I would need some solid dancing like THIS pair of amazing gold & black stripped shoes from Totokaelo. DROOOOOL!
Also would love this classy Gold Cambridge Satchel (and the neon yellow,too!)

I've also been wanting a gold casio calculator watch for years now.....and I ended up finding THIS 70's vintage Casio on ebay going for about $600!'s unbelievably awesome....

Aaaaaand while we're at it, I might as well add THIS special edition Gold Hasselblad camera going for $5,000+ to the of all the things on my list on how to look golden. Why not?

Well...actually I can think of more than a doezon of reason why I shouldn't get all that! But hey...a girl can dream right?!
But, hopefully I'll be able to get at least one of those things before the REAL golden year birthday!


Cat Vision

Yes..I've becoming one of those cat people....but how can I resist this...


L&G in Monocole Magazine!!!!!

Sorry to have to play favorites , BUT this one deserves a few EXTRA exclamation mark!!!! 

We LOVE this awesome UK magazine and was more than stoked to have BOTH our Chalk Piggy bank AND Perimeter Tray be featured in the April issue!!
Reading this magazine is like having THE BEST worldly European friend with phenomenal taste to hang out with you.....I just automatically feel a bit more awesome and well-informed about all the current events around the world.
On top of all that, I get to meet the most amazing people, see the most incredible spaces and places, AND learn about  the best places to eat & shop!!!
Now if ONLY that friend was REAL.....
But I guess that's where Monocle comes in!
Hurray! my life is saved again!  Monocle, you're the BEST!! We're gonna be BFFs  for, like, ever.


Defenders of America!

Go check out THREAT by AmDC  that's all about weapon of defense in every shape & form happening on March 9th.
A show about weapons? Hey, don't judge! This is America we're talking about here!
All this is more about encouraging designers from all over America to all come together and have fun designing & create cool shiz.

Here's what we made....
Hit & Strangle Stick
Yup! You guessed it! You hit, then strangle! It's EASY!
This defense object is a sleek hitting stick made with the use aluminum and copper tubing and fishing rope inspired by dog catchers.

The simple telescoping action allows the defender to tighten the rope by pushing the aluminum tube forward and therefore can capture (and strangle) the invader from afar.
And REAL action!
....That'll show you to never walk in the house with your shoes on!
Below is a sneak peak of what's also gonna be in the show. 
(Photos provided by NYT)

The show opens this FRIDAY, MARCH 9th (runs from March 9 to 15)
At Present Company, 29 Wythe Street (North 13th Street), Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Also read this great interview on NYT with Kiel Mead  about the concept of the show
....and other intense topics of discussions like, jail beating weapons, squirt guns with hydrochloric acid, and our dark sides.

Oh...This is gonna be goooooood.


Thursday Shopping Result

Well...I went to this awesome sale last Thursday and have to say that I did REALLY well and did not end up buying EVERYTHING...but boy was it hard!
...if only I haven't been a hoarder of things already, I would have gotten everything she had there in a heartbeat!

In any case, I'm still super happy with I went home with... 2 Japanese lifestyle  magazines, vintage silk dress, a bronze pebble necklace and a macrame plant hanger both made by Ashley herself.
Ah...Japan. How I miss you so...
I just love the color and the material of this dress. It's so simple and versatile pieces where I can easily layer with cardigans or blazers and/or add belts to accessorize with.
Apparently these rocks are cast from real ones Ashley had found at some beach in San Francisco. The original rocks even had the holes where she said it was some sort of insect that was eating it away....quite amazing. really.
I'm super excited to add the plant hanger especially now being able to add a fern plant by our bedroom window. I love looking at these plants first thing in the morning.

Oh ...also here are some shots of her place below.  I couldn't help it....Ashley has such an elegant and warm sensibility that is incredibly unique and her space just feels like a gallery! I totally admire how she can keep things so minimal.
It's a total talent to be able to edit things down in having all the right perfect pieces to complete a whole space. Check out her space on D*S so you know what I mean!

I am definitely still in the process of learning how to do that.... edit, purge, edit, purge!


I'd Like to Tap That: Pitched Roof Loft

I think with this amount of light that this loft gets, it maybe not be entirely impossible to actually get me up in the morning...especially during the winter times!!
Actually...I really need this....
You know when people's celings are too high when they start to staple pillows on it.

Via Philip Karlberg