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Defenders of America!

Go check out THREAT by AmDC  that's all about weapon of defense in every shape & form happening on March 9th.
A show about weapons? Hey, don't judge! This is America we're talking about here!
All this is more about encouraging designers from all over America to all come together and have fun designing & create cool shiz.

Here's what we made....
Hit & Strangle Stick
Yup! You guessed it! You hit, then strangle! It's EASY!
This defense object is a sleek hitting stick made with the use aluminum and copper tubing and fishing rope inspired by dog catchers.

The simple telescoping action allows the defender to tighten the rope by pushing the aluminum tube forward and therefore can capture (and strangle) the invader from afar.
And REAL action!
....That'll show you to never walk in the house with your shoes on!
Below is a sneak peak of what's also gonna be in the show. 
(Photos provided by NYT)

The show opens this FRIDAY, MARCH 9th (runs from March 9 to 15)
At Present Company, 29 Wythe Street (North 13th Street), Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Also read this great interview on NYT with Kiel Mead  about the concept of the show
....and other intense topics of discussions like, jail beating weapons, squirt guns with hydrochloric acid, and our dark sides.

Oh...This is gonna be goooooood.

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