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L.A. Discoveries

This is from June (heh, just a little delayed) when I went to L.A. for a weekend of fun hanging out with my dear friend, Noal, who had recently moved there from Seattle. He graciously put me up and took me all over LA. I never had much chance to spend a lot of time doing sightseeing and just walking around in SoCal, so it was totally fun to do that for a change! There's so much character and so many things that were uniquely LA. This photo mosaic is just some of what captured while walking around different areas.
Here's some caption on where I took the photos (left to right in rows)
1. Mosaic tiled office building by Santa Monica Blvd.
2. Painted steps on some apt. building by Noal's apt. on S. Coronado St.
3. Painted wall at Grauman's Theater in Hollywood
4. Painted wall on some apt. building on Wilshire Blvd & S. Coronado St
5. Ceiling in the Getty Villa
6. Mosaic tiled floor at the Getty Villa
7. Painted wall at Grauman's Theater in Hollywood (I saw Jesus there..he's the real deal!)
8. Signage in the jewelery district of downtown L.A.
9. Succulents by a beach house on Venice Beach (my dream house)

That was the one thing I really enjoyed. (more photos here) Noticing the variety of patterns and colors incorporated on almost every building, shops, signs, walls, and houses....pretty much everywhere!! This is something that Seattle really lacks I's just different I suppose. I'm not whinnying...but I just wish there's more decorative elements around Seattle! Most buildings are just...BLAH! Like the weather pretty much....BLEH!

Also Noal started documenting his little discoveries since he moved to LA while walking around, and he has captured even better stuff!!
Like this awesome awesome chair he found in Chinatown...of all places! The colors, patterns, and the chair itself.... everything about is just FAB-ulous!!
Neat collection of paper umbrella arrangements in Chinatown
Colorful ornate tiled steps in Pasadena
After the trip, I definitely can see LA in a new light. I realized that there's actually a lot of great things about the city beyond all the shinny nice cars, polluted air, high traffic jams, high-lighted hair, pregnant Hollywood stars, orange colored fake n' baked skin, roller blades and short-shorts...LA is so much more than that!
It's also this...6" platform shoes made with bamboo. It's eco-friendly!


Oh Yu!

A dear friend of Chikabird Inc. (my other business with another partner, Chika) recently had a studio opening. We're lucky to tell you that this dear of ours friend is Herman Yu of beautifully designed paper goods. With Herman's uncanny sense of style, she had created a delightful studio space, which was indeed an inspiration to see. Oh, the warm sunlight filled room, the open airiness of the space, and all her nature inspired designs....I can see myself hanging out there all day....if only Herman would let me. :)
Read more about Herman's opening via Birdhouse Blog by Chika!


No way! I heart photograph too!

Dylan here...making a rare appearance on the LnG blog...

Our lovely friend just hooked me up with a great reading recommendation. It's the blog I heart photograph!

My affection for photography has been rapidly growing recently due to my mammoth attraction to classic cameras. While I have to say my love for these machines still out-paces my photo taking skills and frequency (I haven't taken a single photo with most of them), I can definitely appreciate a well taken, well thought-out photo. Lucky for us, the I heart photograph blog is chuck full of them, so check it out!

The photos above are from Stephen Gill (the cigarette) and Stephen Lenthall (the balloons). Definitely way more cool stuff on the blog site!


I Saw the Sign~!

OMG!! I was doing my usual random browsing on Ebay and spotted this amazing lot of 400+ Vintage sign letters of all styles, colors and sizes! I've never seen such a thing! These colorful plastic letters are left overs from some old sign shop in Fort Plain, NY. I can't imagine finding that...I think I would have a heart attack if I ever were to see it in person!
The auction is starting at $2000.00 AND it's a pick up only auction....
Hmm...I suppose I could blow $2000+ to buy the letters, buy the ticket to fly over there, rent a car to drive there to pick it up, and pay extra for over-sized luggage to bring it back to Seattle!....It would be worth it....yeah! no problem!
Then I can die happy and be buried in those awesome letters......nah.....I don't think I want to die just yet...maybe when I'm 80. Someone else who lives closer or who has the money should snag these!