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Via Reference Library
I would really REALLY like to get my hands on one of these Apartamento Magazines....they're about to release their 3rd issue on April 20th...all the way in Milan. Also they're putting together an Everyday Life Objects Shop.....UGH! it all sounds sooo cool!!! WHY do I live in Seattle and not Italy!?
Just look at the photos of the past issues (which are sold out! grrr)....what rich images, thick quality paper, great content and layout?....

Okay, can someone quit hogging it and pass that over to me please...., like NOW.
Dude, seriously.


me melodia said...

Gah. There's gotta somewhere in the US that distributes it. I'm trying to get my bf's shop to pick it up.
I'll let you know if i'm successful.

S.Lemon said...

Surprisingly, the only place I have seen it since finding out it was sold out, was at an urban outfitters...and it was in the sale section. I'm still kicking myself for not buying it...I have no idea why I didn't.

Wooly Bison said...

OK, who sent your doppelganger to Italy and gave her a job?

Jean said...

yes! me meloida,please let me know if you get them for your shop! and S.Lemon... I'd kick you, too for not getting that when you saw that at UO...jk. that's just too bad. :P
Wooly....who sent my doppelgagner? i wanna know why it's not ME?!

lola said...

lovely. oh! and funny that you have the nymolle set too.. how many things do we both own now? the ryan berkeley prints, a similar coffee table.. some things i'm sure i'm forgetting. funny :>