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Needle Felting Fun!

So I did a needle felting project finally! Lauren's needle felted bowls inspired me to use the felting supplies I had for a couple of years but never really touched till now!
But I made a pillow out of lambs wool blanket and loose wool fiber of various colors in which I used a felting needle to make the face....pretty simple process for the most part, just shape the wool and poke the needle through the surfaces up and down and the fibers weave in and out of the main piece. The challenging part was coming up with the face.As you can see up close the level of detail and craftsmanship that is required for something as complicated as the sleepy face is very difficult to achieve. It requires meticulous planning, advance color theory knowledge, multiple calculated measurements, and countless facial studies of people of every race. One may see this and think its a master piece and work of art....but I, this is just something I do and have a passion for. But mostly it's because I "felt" like making it.......pause....silence.......waiting for laughter.....I FELT like it? get it? you know...since I needle "FELTed" it?
yeah...there's the laugh that I've been waiting for. Let's all which under Dylan's definition=Laugh On Line....which I have to agree it makes sense.

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jean said...

Hi Jean,
I felt compelled to comment because I found your site from Bloesom:Kids and well, my name is Jean Lee too. It's a little weird to see your own name up on a website and it has nothing to do with you (me). Actually, my name isn't Jean Lee anymore since I got married, but it's still a little weird. Your site is fun and I see that we share some common interests (thrifting, cooking, travel, crafts, graphic design, mid century modern design). I've only run across one other Jean Lee (before I was married) and she is a chinese-american photographer.

Good luck with your shop and other projects.