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Danish Desk Luxury

Thought I'd share some images of this incredibly incredible teak desk that was posted on ebay. Gorgeous mid-century teak, funky shape, nice details, and oh yeah, a swanky secret bar door complete with mirrored interior. Doesn't get any classier... Auction has ended and alas I was not the victor...last thing we need is another oddly shaped piece of furniture. But go there and check out more pics.


The Other Tiffany said...

I love this! It's so "Mad Men" with the built in bar for your desk. There are plenty of days I wish I had one of those...thanks for sharing!

::{J}:: said...

Too bad you didn't win is such a peculiar yet functional shape!

Lonneke Boons said...

Hi Dylan,
I found your blog by searching on google.
I found a similar boomerang desk (from Denmark) in a book 'Living Retro'by Andrew Weaving. Do you know it's designer?