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Where were you when Seattle design blossomed??

Ok, maybe the title is a little dramatic, but I can't help but feel giddy after resounding success of JOIN: Design Seattle's second opening at the Vermillion Gallery last Thursday! Everything came together to be an inspiring display of refined, unique, varied, viable products. Amazing job everyone involved! Special props to Jamie and Brian from Iacoli & McAllister for putting the show together. Also thanks to the Vermillion for hosting us. If you're in Seattle, definitely check out the show and the space (which has an adjunct bar/eatery in the back). The show runs through Jan 4th.

Lot's o' photos on Flickr

We want all of these in our living room!: Urbancase credenza + Submaterial felt wall hanging + Ladies and Gentlemen's Mega-Doily area rug

Iacoli & McAllister's
Corian and steel furniture and lights

Close up of Submaterial's felt wall hanging...all 900+ cut and assembled by hand!

Gray Pant's genius cardboard lighting. Photography can't describe how awesome the light travels through the cardboard layers in person!

Meet Me Here's bags: Jean just had to buy one!

Ladies and Gentlemen first studio project: AlphaBrass! Stay posted for more info on our projects.


la casita de wendy said...

Every thing looks beautiful, but is just adore your lamps!!

abby said...

It look so good-congrats!

Crabby said...

That orange wallhanging is unreal. I love their stuff. Always so intricate and unique.

Web Designer said...

wall hanging and cardboard lighting is simply beautiful.