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I'll take one building, please.

I saw this through Jamie's blog (designmate) and HAD to share this, too. These are photos taken by Yves and Romain. The series "Ruins of Detroit" captures all the vacant, desolate, eerie, yet unreal sites and buildings around Detroit. I'm jealous that they got to go into the buildings, since that's what I wanted to do when Dylan and I was last there.
Dylan and I went to Michigan last summer and spent 3 days walking around Detroit where we got the full Detroit experience. You can read our travel story, here. Lesson of the story....DON'T SKIMP ON ACCOMMODATION IN DETROIT!

I just remember of Detroit from day of arrival to the day we left....was the abnormal silence all around.....the empty buildings, the scattered silhouettes of people walking really slow and swaying, the wide streets with barely any cars. I felt like we were in another dimension...The Michigan Central Station was especially ominous. It's a GIGANTIC stand-alone building with nothing else around. I can only dream of what it's like inside....I wanted to sneak in there so bad!!They all look like the perfect horror movie SAW or something... SAW XXII or whatever.

You also gotta watch this footage of this exact building falling down on its own. Insane.

I wish the state of Michigan would advertise Detroit more on those "Pure Michigan" vacation commercials! You know they can just insert the clip of the fallen building after some scene of a couple on the yacht or something.
I'd go back just to see those buildings and take more photos...or even buy a building while I'm at it.

Happy Labor Day weekend!


dessert girl said...

I love Yves and Romain! I live in the Detroit burbs and I wanted to buy one of their prints, but they were a little too much $$ for me. They told me that they'll be coming out with a book soon! Hopefully, I'll be able to afford that! I hadn't seen that video, though. Crazy stuff! p.s. Do you happen to have any FFFFound invites? I sooo want to join!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that wildlife has returned to Detroit? Like, deer running through the vacant lots?

Jean said...

I look forward in seeing their book! I actually don't have any FFFound invites...i actually don't know how it it like getting a gmail account where it's "invite" only?

montague said...

that classroom... wow. such incredible shots...

dessert girl said...

I haven't seen any deer in Detroit. I don't think deer like to be in the open like that. Detroit may be empty, but it's not wooded, at all. Of course, I could be wrong, but I never seen any or heard of anyone seeing any. I do know someone who had their car stolen in Detroit and when they got it back the cops told her that there was a dead cougar...I think it was a cougar...anyway, it was some large cat like her trunk!

Yeah, FFFound is like gmail, invitation only. What a pain! :-)