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It's been a long time coming...but FINALLY....My new 13" Mac Book Pro baby!

To my previous powerbook that's been with me for 7.5 years...

Thank you for being there for me since college. Although you weren't always the most reliable or the fastest, you did always perform all the tasks I needed.
But I really didn't appreciate towards the end where you'd would only pick up the wireless signals whenever you feel like it....or when it got to the point where you just pinwheel like a little B as if i have all the time in the world.
With that said..we did have a good run didn't we....
You'll always hold a special place in my heart....

Now come to mama my sweet Mac Book pro!
I'm stoked that I'll get things done twice as fast and will have as much fun as this lady...for another 7.5 years hopefully!

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