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Project Lost& Yvonne Chia, from Singapore

This is from Yvonne from Singapore who adopted the rhino and the pair of white ceramic birds from L&G.

Now in her space!
Birdies and Rod Stewart, how great is that!?The rhino stands oh so contently...This is Yvonne's neatly arranged collection of Kokeshi dolls from Japan. I'm starting to collect these as well. The art behind making these precious Kokeshi dolls is beyond amazing. Most dolls are traditional and folk-like, but there are some dolls that are very refined and modern. They use simple painted lines to indicate their facial expression and personality. They also many times incorporate unconventional natural material such as straw, walnut shells, twigs, sea shells, clam shells and all sorts of other thing as their body parts. It comes in all shape, size, and form, and they're all very animated and adorable.

Thanks Yvonne for submitting these photos!

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Anonymous said...

Hello! Thank you for adding my pictures. You have a great thing going. I love the idea of "Lost & Found" project. Its maningful.

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