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Wool blankets+Doilies+Chair= Most awesome chair!

Spotted this fun colorful upholstered chair in quilted wool blankets by Jan Schouten from All The Luck in the World based in the Netherlands. The colors, the patterns, the warmth of the material, the little added delights of the doilies and stitched on words...everything about it makes me want go to the Netherlands and steel that chair. I especially love how she treated the back with the fringe still intact. It seems as if the blanket is just draped over the chair. So cleaver!Jan also has a vintage shop where there are lots of awesome stuff that..once again... makes me want to go to the Netherlands and raid all the flea markets to find stuff like that! I want that black Joe Colombo-esque lamp so bad!!

Check out Jan's flickr with tons of great photos of her space and work.


Kirsten said...

I've seen that chair a couple times and liked it, but no one has shown me the most special part - the delightfully fringe-y back! Thank you for helping me to crave it even more. My only consolation for not purchasing it is the knowledge that my cats would chew off that fringe and permanently weave their little hairs into the blankets.

Maaike Pullar said...

Hey, great blog! Love the chair, I've seen some of her other work and not been overly enamoured, but this one has me enchanted. Thw fringe is a great touch