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New Year MUJI Resolution

My new years resolution for to cross off the list of ALL the MUJI things I want!! I don't need to eat healthier, drink more water, watch less TV, read more, exercise more, be nice to people....yeah yeah yeah...I can always do that when I retire.MUJI recently launched their 2009 screen saver calender, PLAY MUJI where they showcase one of their brilliant, simple & clever product each day right on your computer screen....everyday!! Imagine that...they're really not making it any easier for me to resist them!! Why do I have such weakness for them? or are they simply just TOO powerful? But whatever it is they're hypnotizing me with, it's working.
Oh! How I would sell my soul to live the MUJI life!!Must have....everything MUJI....everyday.....every week....every month....forever and ever and.... ever....

1 comment:

Mary said...

this is brilliant!

i now live in a part of france where there is sadly no muji and so this is just what i need to help me with my muji addiction :)