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I actually got some down time to do this entry half hour before the the Ctrl +Alt+Design show opens.
Okay, I made the piggy bank for suggested donations. This little piggy is gonna make BANK!!....I hope. I got a stack of Ladies & Gentlemen business cards, with our Alphabrass lamp silhouette! Check!
Not to be a girl or anything...well... But I am girl, so whatever.
I've picked out my outfit for the show opening! :D I'm gonna wear this AMAZING dress from La Casita De Wendy!! I did a trade with Ines for something from our vintage shop and I can't be happier!
They now have an online shop!!

Hope to see some of you around!


lola said...

i wish i could be there! good luck.. it's going to be so much fun. and your dress is adorable :>

Kathleen at Twig and Thistle said...

The show was lovely! I'm so glad we got to come and see all the great work. I'm sad I missed your business cards though, those are awesome!

Jean said...

Hey Kathleen
it was great to see you and joe! Thanks for coming! Oh, don't worry about missing out on the business cards. I'll make sure to get you one next time....or even a whole stack if you want! :D

Bri said...

OK. Love the piggy bank - brilliant. And those business cards? Ay! So awesome!