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L&G Super Update!

Here at L&G Studio, we've been working hard updating our vintage store, taking photos, blogging, growing vegetables, AND building our own website!

Our very own website! Can you believe it?! We're big kids now and we now have our homepage with our own URL, a page all about us, a page of all the projects we've done, the blog, a direct link to the vintage store, AND our own contact form page...OOH! I'm so excited!!

Come check out our website: (don't forget it!) Let us know what you heart and don't heart. Please help us make it awesome.

We're double dipping for the blog for the time being (blogging here at our good ole' blogger home and at the new site), but the goal is to phase out blogger in the next month or so. Please update your links, rss feeds, address books, post-it notes, or what-have-you. We're also working to integrate the vintage store and provide a method to buy originals directly off the site.


lola said...

ooh congratulations! it looks super great.

House of Milk said...

congrats! how exciting! everything looks great... i have my eye on that microscope!