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I'd like to Tap that: Roof Top Pyrmid on top of a building

Ok. Never would I even think to consider the top of an office building as a possible place to live and raise kids....let alone the pyramid that's on top of Seattle's Smith Tower building that's been recently shown in the New York Times!!! Screw looking at houses that's meant for living....that's just way too lame and predictable!
I want a house where I get to take elevators that goes up 40+ floors that probably goes straight to the place, have all walls coming in at an angle versus just boring straight walls, and a view that's even better than what the public civilians gets to see from the observation deck only at the 35th floor. But the reality is that I should just give up and accept the fact that I will not end up living anywhere close to a place like this in my life time or next...especially I'm pretty sure that my next life I'm probably just gonna be a fruit fly...And I won't even be able to fly that high to sneak in there and pretend...
Yeah, you know something is not right, when the thought of your entire life doesn't even compare to these kids' life in the first 3 years of after being born....and the best part is...they won't even remember a darn thing in those years.....Man...what a realization....
But on a brighter note...I'm lucky enough to say that I live in the same city as these people! Just awesome.

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