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Chalk it to Me!

With the JOIN show behind us, our pieces are back in our possession, so I wanted to share this series that Jean put together of chalkboard coated figurines. It's called "Chalk it to Me" and it debut in our recent show, Ctrl+Alt+Design show last month. These figures are one offs from rummaging through thrift stores and spending hours on ebay looking for the right figures. Now you can interact more with figurines a little bit more on a daily biases...bunny figures has needs,too....they like to feel special every once in a while, too. Just like all of us. :D
Here are some more figures we have:
Pretty Panther Shepherdoodle Buddha Gone Wild. (AKA, Raise the roof Buddha)Limited pieces are up for sale on our test Big Cartel shop we're currently piloting. More to come soon!


Anonymous said...

Not to be prude, but if someone had done the same thing to a Jesus figurine, everyone would be up in arms. Why is this ok "for the sake of fun" to a Buddha figurine?

Jean said...

Hmmm....what would Jesus do?
I think actually a Chalk it to me Jesus is brilliant!!I find that just as humorous...but in terms chalking in a bikini on Jesus he's probably a little too "flat" if you know what i mean... :D

lyndsay said...

woh!! so awesome!!!

Unknown said...

Can I please buy this bunny?!

Jean said...

Sorry! but we sold out of all of these bunnies for now!