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Pea-ed on My Plates!

Remember when "I pea-ed my plants"?, it's gotten a little out of hand...
the peas at our house are growing like crazy and we've been harvesting tons of them! It's nice to not have to split one pea between 5 people anymore. That was rough.

The peas tastes so sweet, crunchy, and fresh! Oh boy! This must be what accomplishment tastes like!! Pathetic?.....I would disagree....
Some people accomplishes this during their first grade class....some people take a little at 27. But who's eating the peas NOW and proud of it?........ME!! (two thumbs pointing at myself)
Yeah....take that, first graders. :P


natasha said...

So awesome, I'm definitely jealous.

Clarity said...

You were a link from another blog -

I must say I admire people who grow their own veg/fruit. It is so "hip" now in London; people who know better know better, those who didn't are about to discover the pleasure.

I am so glad that you don't have to split the pod 5 ways. I suggest star fruit should that happen again :)

Melissa said...

What a lovely blog you've got! :)