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We've got shelves!

2 more shelves done and I think I might not need the 4th one. Here are some pics installed with goodies on the shelves.

Above is a before shot with blue tape outlining the proposed shelving arrangement (the TV was originally going to go here). Months and months later the dream is nearly realized! Just have to figure out how to finish the shelves, but not change the color of the wood (I don't want it to yellow...any ideas?).

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Blue is Bleu said...

Love that! I wish my house had large walls that I could do that with, but we've got huge windows and a fireplace in the living room that take up a lot of room. Boo.

[J] said...

I love your shelves!
Where did you find the wood & brackets?!

Dylan said...

Thanks! Brackets are from a place called Rakks ( Wood back panel slats are from Home's standard primed house siding (complete with fake wood texture) made from pressed chipboard. Shelves are White Oak veneer.

la casita de wendy said...

I love them!! you are amazing!!

Creative Cotton said...

Lovely shelves and lovely blog too. Loved your dupioni notebooks. :)

me melodia said...

Looks fantastic!!!
Great job guys.

Stéphanie said...

That's beautiful

Danny said...

To keep from yellowing: Ballard bookcase company has a line of wax finishes for unfinished pine. I believe some are clear. Daly's on stone way is also a good place to go for finish advice.

Shelves look great!