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Guilty Pleasure Purchase(s)

I don't usually do that much shopping on Etsy...not sure if it's because I haven't seen that many good things or because I don't like to spend the time to search through millions of listings. Whatever reason it may be, I'd like to think that I got lucky and actually found some wonderful things. I got so lucky that I ended up splurging on a thing or two.... or three.... :P

I'm loving everything Évita of ET AL., ETC has to offer in her shop. (SUPER affordable, too!)
I especially couldn't say no to the
geometric patterned dress, and the lightweight sheer sweatshirt...There's just no way that I can live through the summer without these. Absolutely not.
I'd buy majority of the things in her shop if I could...but I figure this is a good start.
I have a somewhat long & interesting story about my interaction with Évita from this transaction....she's absolutely fascinating and I wouldn't do justice if I don't devote a whole separate post about her! More to come later.
A pair of woven toe leather lace ups. Perhaps more appropriate for the fall....but what the hey! I've been searching for a pair of lace ups for awhile and seeing the texture of the weave and the rich reddish-brown leather...AND at an amazing price of $20? I'd be stupidly insane NOT to get it! (no offense to all the people who saw this and didn't get it....)
isn't she a beaut?
Found this at Copped and Sewed vintage.

I totally feel like a lottery winner to have found all these great things!!...except I didn't get millions of dollars...and in contrary, I had to spend money it....BUT that's beside the point. The point is the pure joy that I'll get when I wear'll be freaking priceless!

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