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I'd Like to Tap That...Modern Industrial Kitchen

Love this Dwell article on Feld's kitchen with a great balance of classic, industrial and modern.
Of course...We love the sliding door with chalk surface! We love both of those things! So the fact that they decided to combine that, we give them mega points for that!
Having a chalk surface around the house is totally essential for jotting down reminders, creating lists of all sorts, for doodling, or write down big ideas whether it be good or bad!

Although our house is far from looking like what you've just seen...we're excited that we finally have a chalk wall in our's seriously life changing. Now we can actually get down to business and write out all the important L&G ideas, projects, and plans together...It's exciting to see and write everything on the wall, but mostly it's fun to just write on the wall like a mad scientist!

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