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Magical Sommer

I've been a fan of Meghann Sommer's work ( of Etcetera Jewelry ) since I first saw her work from last winter's Design Shoppe event. I totally kicked myself for not getting anything from her!
So it's about damn time that I get some of her wonderfully, well-composed, one-of-a-kind pieces!
Luckily we live in the same city where we can run into each other and then arrange a meet up for me to check out all her stuff in person. I'd like to think that it was a sign from some higher being telling me that I MUST get something from her by making me run into her...

I love how Meghann's sensibility and aesthetic where uses such a wonderful mix of semi-precious stones, crystals, geometric metal parts, and vintage finds such as old watch bands, monocles, and even a bird's leg! (hands down my all time favorite!!)She puts everything together in such an expected way turning everything into such unique, mystical & magical jewelry pieces.If I can have it my way, I'd take all and everything that she makes......
But I decided to get this lovely necklace composed of mix matched chains, hex stone, vintage rings, & links...
....and this awesome crystal bracelet with old metal watch bands. Check out her shop, here!

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