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Lovely Nani Iro textile

If I have to pick one textile company I love, it would be be Nani Iro based in Osaka, Japan. Their 2008 line designed by Naomi Ito is absolutely amazing and to die for!! I mean just look at the space! This would be my version of heaven....sigh.
The line is a mix of soft hand painted watercolor-like patterns with bright bold color combinations creating a perfect result of playful and simple sophistication . They really have a knack for creating things that express a certain level of human quality, subtlety, imperfection, and beauty...But all so well-balanced of course. They're just TOO good!
Even their poka dot and line design show some slight imperfections, as if they're drawn individually making them all that much more interesting and beautiful.
Above all the greatness of their textile designs, they have examples of products, such as bags, baby bibs, baby slippers, apron, dresses, accessories, and so on. All are which created using Nani Iro fabric by everyday crafters around Japan. All the things comes with full instructions (in Japanese). This goes to show that Nani Iro fabric looks great no matter what you make with it!
I love their little company moto, which really sums up everything about what Nani Iro is about. "Kokorokara Kokorohe Tsunagatteiku Nunotachi" which means "from the heart, to the heart, tied together with cloth". Simple words, but it sure leave you feeling warm and fuzzy all over, doesn't it?


Ali said...
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mermer said...

hi! maybe you can help me out here but I've been wondering for the longest time what cotton double gauze is. is it a very lightweight cotton? would it be suitable for dresses or would the fabric need to be lined? I love nani iro designs but I've never purchased any because I'm not sure how thin the fabric is. thanks!!

Jean&Dylan said...

I've seen the fabric in person and it is on the lighter side, but perfect for the summer!Light weight but breathes.
I saw a dress made out of NaniIro material and I loved it.(I want make a dress with it, too) But I want to say that it's lined. (it was on a manikin, so I didn't actually touch it)
But Depending on how much it actually sees through or how much weight you want the dress to have, I think you can get away w/o lining it.

Jean&Dylan said...

Check this etsy seller who's selling Nani Iro book with photos. It seems like the dress/shirt are single layer. But that's just my hypothesis...

I want that book though! and everything in that seller's store!

mermer said...

thanks for the tip! I tried lining a skirt once and it came out super heavy and it was a pain (or I'm probably just too lazy), so I'm never lining anything again. oh well if a dress is see-through. it's summer, who cares? :)

and congrats on getting much love for the grid and hangers idea!!