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Cut it out!

Chika showed me these neat laser cut letter scarves by Little Factory based in Hong Kong. I'm no font geek by any means, (meaning I'm not an expert in recognizing or memorizing font names...I wish though) but I definitely LOVE when fonts are used to create graphic patterns or compositions. I'm also a scarf freak, so the fact that they managed to combined both of those things together, makes them a GENIUS in my book!
Which I'm totally planning on publishing a book exactly that...."Jean's List of Genius things" Here's what I have so far on the watch, frozen yogurt, rice cooker, cellphone with calculator function, Guitar Hero( Duck Hunt would come before that of course), Willy Wonka's 3 course meal gum...oh yeah and hover boards. It's a good start, right? :)


::{J}:: said...

Yes I love this...we must have similar taste because i posted this same little scarf today!

alexandra said...

Cool scarf. I like the sound of your book too. Can't wait til you publish it. I'll line up to get it signed. ;)