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Found Photos...we're in!

We couldn't help but jump on the found photo bandwagon when we found these precious bundles of snap shots at the Ballard Senior Center Rummage Sale. The photos follow a family on a road trip across the country in the 40's (our best guess). From Yellowstone to Massachusetts, the photos alternate between America's classic roadtrip sites and shots of the family tending to their classic car and trailer. A great number of the photos are well taken; dramatically lit and well framed. Makes us want to leave it all, jump in the trailer, and hit the American open of these days we just might actually do it...just you watch!

More of our photos on flickr.

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Michelle Parks McCourt said...

wow, how cool, they are really well done photos actually. cool blog:)

Dylan said...

I know, they're nicely done. Couldn't help but snatch them up. I wish they had scanned better though...they're actually even nicer in person!

cerre said...

the first image is compelling. The young man is perfectly positioned in the triangles of light.