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Picture me Rollein'

I'm so excited. I just picked up a classic Rolleicord V twin lens medium format camera today on Craigslist! It's from the mid '50s but has (according to the owner) had less than 10 rolls of film shot on it EVER. It shows too. It's absolutely clean right down to inner workings and the near-perfect leather case.

The best part: it was only $125!

I can't wait to get out there and take my first shots! In the meantime I'll just oogle over my latest find.


my names Jo, what's yours? said...

congrats on the "good find". your new camera is beautiful!.. and a case?! sweeet

Me said...

its a beauty - are you going to do TTV with it? -
Through the View Finder, so fun and instantly gratifying and can be really addictive too!